Our Team

Robert Ferguson, Trustee

Robert has worked in special interest travel and travel writing for over 30 years. His career in travel started in the Himalayas, as a mountain guide and since then he’s worked and travelled extensively in Africa and Asia.

In Asia he’s trekked coast to coast across Borneo, climbed to over 21,000 ft in the Himalaya and travelled the ancient Silk Road from China to Pakistan. He’s visited (some many times) Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Maldives, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. He’s the author of the Footprint Travel Guide to Nepal, published in 2017 and regularly visits the Himalayas. He even went on Honeymoon to Tibet! In 2018 he trekked in the National Parks of Sumatra in search of orangutans.

Most of his recent trips to Africa have been focused on the work of the Real World Conservation Trust. Rob has climbed Mt. Kenya and trekked in both the Simiens and the Drakensberg.  He’s travelled widely in Africa with many visits to Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Swaziland. He’s been charged by a black rhino in Swaziland and chased out of a bar in South Africa by a warthog.

In his work for the Trust he does a fair amount of public speaking; at wildlife groups, schools and clubs. He has spoken at the Royal Geographical Society in London on several occasions and in November 2018 was the keynote speaker at the Explorers Club in New York on Conservation.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in London.

Sara White, Trustee

Sara has 25 years’ experience working in long-haul travel and conservation. She has journeyed extensively across six continents and has first-hand experience of projects supported by Explorers against Extinction including time spent with anti-poaching teams in Africa.

Through her role as Trustee she has collaborated with leading organisations from Fauna & Flora International to Save the Elephants. She has met and worked with many individuals in the world of travel, exploration and conservation including Iain Douglas Hamilton, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Col John Blashford Snell, HRH Duke of Sussex and Angela Sheldrick.

She is inspired by her personal wildlife encounters – highlights include kayaking with blue whales in Baja (while pregnant with twins), snorkelling with whale sharks and manta rays on Australia’s west coast, honeymooning in the Amazon, exploring the Galapagos islands, searching endlessly for wild dogs in various remote corners of Africa and a poignant meeting with Sudan, the last male northern white rhino in the world.