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African Myth(1)

Carol Barrett

I have always had an affinity with animals and loved to draw them. I was fortunate to spend my early years living on a small Border farm before my family became neighbours to Edinburgh Zoo which provided a wide variety of species to capture my imagination. Once completing Art College, I followed my instinct for painting animals to become the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland Artist in Residence and followed my dream to go to Africa to see elephant and cheetah in the wild. I have been a wildlife artist and conservationist for 35 years. 

My aim is to try to capture my subjects’ beauty, majesty, grace, dignity and where possible natural behaviour to display my personal homage to the wildlife. I want to evoke empathy and trigger a compassion with those viewing my artwork and remind the audience of their wonder and sadly too often fragile existence.

My mission is to raise awareness and donate my artwork to help raise vital funds for conservation work wherever possible. It is therefore an honour to support Explorers Against Extinction conservation work and be part of the 2021 Invitational Sketch for Survival wildlife and wild places exhibition with a pair of watercolours entitled ‘Rhapsody’ In Blue’

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100% of the total sale proceeds of the images seen on this page will be donated to Explorers Against Extinction’s conservation work: four unframed original paintings: ‘African Myth’ ~ wild dog, ‘Evicted’ ~ adolescent male lion, ‘Interdependent’ ~ leopard, baboon & Impala, and ‘Edge of Survival’ ~ Wild dog pack. Plus, Giclee Signed Limited Edition Print ~ ‘Shady Tree’.

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