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Carole Ramsden Silver

I work primarily in silver for its willingness to be transformed in structure and texture, allowing exploration and interpretation of elemental forms found in the environment.

When making each piece, I try to preserve a little of the relationship between the metal, the tools and myself, to remain with it for ever. To me this feels relevant and meaningful, celebrating emotional and psychological connections with memories, people, places and becoming part of the wearer's experience and expression of self.

Working from my small home studio in rural North Yorkshire, I produce one off pieces of jewellery and small batch ranges. I also work with copper, gold and gemstones and, very often, items I find in nature which I collect for their intrinsic texture, pattern, shape or construction.

I have long been fascinated by the prominence of nature in folk tales, superstitions and ancient lore. I often incorporate stones and pebbles or fragments of tree, or flower, or lichen, or even birds and animals to lend a talismanic or spiritual meaning to my jewellery.

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