Fiona Champion

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FC “On Patrol” 59cm x 82cm Acrylic £750

Fiona Champion

I am an artist who paints in both a realistic style and a more contemporary, colourful style.  Although painting is my main genre, I also sculpt and have produced work in bronze, ceramic and bronze resin.

I am moved to share moments I have experienced with my viewer and I love, especially, to paint close-up portraits of the animals I have seen, to make you feel you can almost reach out and touch them.  I have enjoyed time on safari, just watching and witnessing the behaviour of African wildlife, and have a special love of Wild Dogs and Big Cats.  Through my art, I hope to help raise awareness of the trouble our wildlife now faces and to do what I can to help support those battling to save our wildlife.  

Every painting I complete is of an animal that I have seen for myself, and each painting brings back a wonderful memory and, sometimes, a story about that animal.  I hope to convey the beauty, grace and power of the animals I paint and sculpt and to impart a little of the awe I feel whenever I am close to them.

Most of my paintings are acrylic, though I do sometime use pastel or graphite too.  

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