Lisa Jayne Holmes

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Lisa Jayne Holmes

A full time professional Cheshire artist, with a lifelong love and respect for wildlife and nature.

I paint in a completely spontaneous way and love looseness in watercolours, but at the same time I like to add a reasonable degree of detail and realism to my paintings, entising the viewer to return for a second glance to notice exciting layers of texture and movement. Rather than just one single flat element.

My inspiration comes directly from observing my own wildlife gardens on a daily basis, and many many years spend wildlife watching and sketching out in the field. In fact it's not just my art and professional life that revolves around wildlife and nature, most my leisure days and home life tends to animals or nature watching. Yep it's a full time passion!.

Very happy to now also be involved in helping ' Explorers against extinction ' in their wonderful goals and important work.



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