Loz Samuels – Callous Creations

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Loz Samuels – Callous Creations

I'm an emerging jeweller, though a long-time maker, using a wide palette of materials and techniques to express my ideas.  Much of my work has been driven by the materials used which are very often found.  I use eco silver, I have ceased buying any new stones, all my packaging is hand made using reclaimed materials and I constantly seek ways in which I can reduce my impact on our planet in all areas of life. 

My work is heavy in symbolism, talismans, and acquired history born out of the stories, both real or imagined, of the found objects I use.  I am a Precious Collective member and co-curator of the Environmental Section of the Precious Collective Online Jewellery Week. My work can be found in the Flaming Lady Art House - Hay on Wye www.flaminglady.com

Find me on Instagram @callous-creations 

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