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Sevina Yates

Sevina Yates

Sevina Yates is a UK based Alpine and Wildlife painter whose passion was ignited by the magnificent Bernese Oberland in the Swiss Alps. She is driven to translate into paint the sublime moments experienced in the high Alps. She loves to capture the moment the light strikes, the clouds obscure and the snow falls. Fluting, rock groupings,  hidden valleys, shrouded peaks- the mountains breathe and feel alive. No experience is more magical than watching light play across glaciers like musical notes and chasing that elusive moment of perfect light. Inky clouds, avalanches and snowstorms make every moment at altitude a dance with nature. 

Her first large mountain painting "Melting Jungfrau" was created in response to environmental issues. Having witnessed first hand the loss of glaciers and rock stability on the mountain face she felt a need to record the fragility of the high alpine environment that at first sight seems so indestructible, before it is all lost.

Sevina has painted in watercolour, gouache, oils and mixed media before settling on acrylic as her preferred medium because of the way it responds to her style. From thick paint on rocks to luminous pools of light, drips and brush marks , the paint is inspiring in its versatility. She has recently been experimenting with an evaporation technique to create cloud-scapes over the mountains and future work will involve more of the story between high peaks and atmospheric weather conditions.

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