Toby Wright Fine art

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African big cats, 40x50cm, oil on panel. copy

Toby Wright Fine art

Finding his early inspiration in the natural world, Toby WRIGHT developed a wide range of subjects along with the study of the old masters in Florence. He developed his career with various galleries from London, to New York and Los Angeles, balancing his personal figurative work and landscapes with various portrait commissions. 

Following his Bachelor of arts degree in illustration from the U.K, he travelled to Florence Italy, where he graduated and taught at The Florence Academy of Art. His positions included director of the drawing program for the sculpture department, and principal instructor in the advanced painting program. He teaches various workshops and occasionally is a guest instructor at all 3 branches of FAA.

Spending as much time painting outdoors as indoors, he paints from life for his landscapes and in the studio for his figurative work. His love for Nature has lead him to unique places. As an artist aboard the Elysium expedition to the Arctic, Toby WRIGHT painted in the extreme conditions of Svalbard, Greenland, and Iceland. With a passion for working from life, he engages directly with nature; whether snorkelling with Orca and Humpback whales in the Arctic waters of Norway, or drawing underwater with the sea lions in the sea of Cortez. He continues to search and expand his vision of where painting will take him next.

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