FFS Introducing

Details for FFS Introducing 2021 will be announced in the New Year. Please check back in January.

 FFS Introducing 2020

FFS Introducing is new for 2020 – a photographic competition open to everyone

Just 26 finalists will be selected from all submissions received in 2020 and form part of a special digital exhibit during our autumn tour which includes the prestigious [email protected], South Bank and the Royal Geographical Society in London.

This is a chance to have your image seen and enjoyed by lots of people while supporting conservation at the same time. To see the projects you will be helping to support with your entry fee please click here.

26 is a significant number for Explorers Against Extinction. It is estimated that on average one elephant is lost to poaching in the wild every 26 minutes. Explorers Against Extinction seeks to raise public awareness about threats to iconic species while also raising funds through creative initiatives for specific frontline projects.


 FFS Introducing in a nutshell:

– There are two categories – Wildlife and Wild Spaces;

– Anyone can enter;

– There is a £10 per photo submission fee, which supports Explorers Against Extinction conservation projects;

– The closing date has been extended to 30 June 2020 due to Coronavirus;

– The 26 finalists as selected by our expert panel will be announced 31 July 2020 and form part of a special digital exhibit during our autumn tour. All 26 images are eligible to win the People’s Choice Award, as voted for by the public;

– Six images will be shortlisted (shortlist announced 4 September), with exhibition prints being produced for display on the autumn tour. The short-listed images will be eligible for the Photographer of the Year award. The six shortlisted images will be sold via online auction in aid of our projects.

You can pay your entry fee via PayPal at our FFS Introducing PayPal Payment Page. Only entries with a corresponding entry fee will be accepted (opens in new tab).


This is an opportunity to have your photograph shown in a high profile collection, at a renowned venue on London’s South Bank & at the Royal Geographical Society.

By contributing you will be showing your support for wildlife conservation. Entering a photo into the competition helps to raise awareness about species extinction through our exhibitions and online presence, as well as your £10 entrance fee going to our campaigns to safeguard wildlife and to help empower communities to fight wildlife crime.

The 26 finalists will be eligible for two awards.

The six short-listed pieces will be printed for exhibition and sold in our online auction.

In 2019 we were supported by the BBC wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan, the explorer Levison Wood and the presenter Simon Reeve. We also received images from Nick Dyer, Margot Raggett, Gurcharan Roopra, Robin Moore, Peter Chadwick and Will Burrard-Lucas.

This year any photographer can enter – professional, amateur, hobby or student. You can live anywhere in the world.

Please note: If you are under the age of 16 you must email a consent note from a parent/guardian/teacher giving permission to enter with the subject: “FFS Intro Under 16 consent – Your name” to [email protected] uk.


The entry fee is £10 per photo entered. This money is a donation and goes towards the 2020 projects we are fund-raising for.

If, for example, you decide to enter two photos of wildlife and one of wild spaces, the total entrance fee would be £30. Entries submitted without an entry fee will not be eligible. Fees must be paid by the closing date on 30 June.

Your entry must be an original photograph taken by you.

There are two categories within the competition.

  • Wildlife: your photo must feature an endangered species – mammal, reptile, bird or insect – from the UK or worldwide.

To qualify as endangered they must be categorised as Vulnerable (VU), Endangered (EN), Critically Endangered (CR) or Extinct in the Wild (EW) on the IUCN Red List (visit www.IUCNredlist.org and use their species search)


  • Wild Spaces: you work must depict an at risk landscape/seascape from anywhere in the world.

This could, for example, be a wood or forest, a coral reef, mountain range, coastline, wetland etc whose ecosystem/existence is threatened by climate change or human activity.

You attach your photo to your entry form. Please ensure that the file size sent is no greater than 2MB. We will contact the 26 successful photographers for larger files for print purposes when necessary.

You can open the entry form by clicking here (opens in new tab).

A maximum of three photos per category per photographer. You will need to submit an online entry form for each entry. You payment however can be done as one payment.

We are accepting submissions until 2359 on 30 June 2020.

After the submission deadline, all entries with a corresponding entry fee will be checked for eligibility and a panel comprising photographers, explorers and charity trustees will select the 26 finalists.

The results will be announced on the Explorers Against Extinction website on Friday 31 July.

The shortlist will be announced in September. They will be contacted for high-resolution files. The People’s Choice vote opens in October for a month.

There are two awards:

Focus for Survival Photographer of the Year 2020.

Six photographers will be shortlisted for the award with our expert panel deciding the winner. The winner will be announced at our event at the Royal Geographical Society in London on 12 November. The shortlist will be announced on 4 September 2020. All short-listed photographers will be invited to the RGS event.

**Updated 24 August 2020: due to the impact of Covid-19 and the subsequent cancellation of our RGS event due to venue closure, short-listed photographers will be invited to a private view at [email protected] instead.

The FFS People’s Choice Award 2020

This award is chosen by the public, through an online vote and is chosen from the FFS Introducing 26 finalists.  It goes to the image with the most votes. Voting opens in October and will be announced via our social media and enewsletter and closes during our exhibition at [email protected]

You do.

If your photo is selected as part of the Introducing 26 we reserve the right to produce postcards and prints to sell in aid of our campaign, as well as using the images for press and promotion. The photographer will be credited. For all entries we reserve the right to use the photos in association with the campaign digitally. In all cases the photographer retains all rights beyond these competition requirements.

 FFS Introducing 2020 Results