SFS Introducing 2019 Winners

We received over 450 entries and the standard was very high. Entries came from all over the world – Asia, Australasia, North, Central and South America, Africa and most countries in Europe.

Our Judging Panel was led by Gary Hodges, the UK’s best selling and most collectable pencil artist, and Karen Laurence-Rowe, an award-winning Conservation Artist based in Kenya. They were assisted by Robert Ferguson and Sara White, trustees of Explorers against Extinction. It took a full day of deliberation to narrow it down to the 100, the final cut from 120 to 100 taking several hours.

The following 100 pieces have been selected to join our Invitational Collection on their UK tour. Congratulations to all these artists.

The shortlist for the SFS Introducing Artist of the Year award will be announced on World Animal Day, Friday 4th October.

The Sketch For Survival Auction site and Sketch for Survival Gallery will also go live on Friday 4th October, featuring both the Invitational Collection and all the SFS Introducing Artwork that were generously donated by the artists. For those entrants who included postage-paid envelopes for the return of their work should they not be selected in the 100 pieces, these will be dispatched in the next week or so.

Voting for the Peoples Choice award will start when the pieces go live online on the 4th October. Full details of how to vote will be given then.

Thank you to everybody who entered. We are very grateful for your support of our campaign and together we can make a difference for endangered species worldwide.

I’m afraid we are unable to offer feedback on individual entries due to the volume received.


The SFS Introducing 100 Selected Works:


Aaron Roberts Unbreakable
Abigail Judson Curious Eyes
Aisle Chapman We Belong
Alan Robert Stanton Extinction is Silent
Alex Briggs Fading Red Panda
Alice Ravenna Red Panda
Alison Perkins Royal Tigress
Anna Fawcett Taking Cover
Annick Mitchell Red Alert
Anthony Walker Wild Thoughts
Antony Bagley Sparky
Astra Taylor-Todd Baby Ollie
Bethany Powell Contemplation
Beverley Cort Caged
Bonnie Dixson Looking to the Future
Carrie-anne Goodchild Perceptive
Cassie Howsley Northern Bald Ibis
Chamunorwa Tonderai Live in Harmony
Christine Dadd Stalking
Claire Heffron Mother
Courtney Dilks Melvin
Cousin Emilie Siberian Tiger
Dave Porter Gentle Giant
David Frampton Orangutans need Help
Deb Farrimond In Protective Custody
Descent Chimupeni Share Goodness of Life
Eleanor Tomlinson Solo
Elle Salt Stag Beetle
Emma Abel Axolotyl
Emma Naseby Woodland Hedgehog
Emma Skinner Silent Reef
Hannah Thorpe Waiting
Harriet Muller A Baby’s Love
Hayley Trampenau Rhincodon typus
Haz John The Sleeping Cat
Helen Allen P is for Pangolin!
Helen Easter-Beeken Jaguar
Helen Gee Mountain Plover
Holly Lewis Tarsier
Iain-K Peake Snow Kodiak
Irena Cindric In Hac Spe Vivo
Jack Dawson Survival of the Fiercest
James Richardson A Crying Shame
Jenny Harris Enjoying a Paddle
Jill Key Galapagos Tortoise
John Bendon Iguana delicatissima
Judit Neder Leo
Julie Ashton Goodbye
Karen Cole Mountain Gorilla
Karen Kay Face of Extinction
Karen Markham Going Hungry
Kate Whittington Haring Ibon
Kay Middleton Left Behind
Kerry Hirst Where’s Mum?
Kerry Jackson-Standen A Nadra
Khloe Robson Pointillism Portrait of a Tarsier
Kris Stokes Out of my Tree and looking for Love
Lauren Asquith Orangutan
Loretta Battersby SOS
Love Grosmane Eastern Barret Bandicoot
Madison Rowley Beautiful Light
Maryanne Pitman The Solitary Recluse
Matgorzata Gradowska Before I disappear
Maud Fontanel Aigle des Philippines
Moyo Mongi Isanyana Ikhanka
Nancy Wooton Zuli Zooming
Naomi Law Red Panda
Natalie Haslam A Mother and her Baby
Nikki Canham Chester
Paul Wilson Spotted!
Peter Smyth Flight
Pik Wun Chin Namaste, Tam
Roland Bass Komodo
Ross Kinkaid Horned Marsupial Frog
Roxana Craciun Watercolour Leopard
Rozie White Vaquita
Ruxandra Ungureanu Innocence
Sally Fairweather My World Too
Sally Smith Arthur
Sally Taylor Protected Wish
Sam Whiting Amur Leopard Cub
Sara Smith The Lesson
Sarah Banson Winnie
Sarah Harris The Untamed
Sarah McAllister Snow Leopard
Sharon Bamber Loss
Sharon Gernon Matshona Dhliwayo
Shayne McGirr Lear’s Macaw
Shirley Lu Orangutan
Siba Carrick Don’t let me Fade Away
Sophie Thurlow Gibbon on a Teabag
Sue Sidley Waiting for my Stripes
Susan Murray Can’t talk…Speak Up for me
Susanna Harbech A Pangolin
Suzie Galloway Sacred
Swee Diong This is my Home
Taryn Ruby Dallamore Red Panda
Tichaona Ncube Sharing the Goodness of Life
Vicki Batt Rhino Watches On
Victoria Taylor A Mother’s Love