21 For 21 Project Directory

21 For 21 is a campaign to champion the work of 21 conservation projects from around the world.


All donations and fund-raising this year will go to our 21 For 21 Project Fund. We’ve pledged support of £2,100 to each project but we’d love to extend this support, so we’ve set a target of £105,000 GBP. If we can smash this target, all the projects will receive £5,000.

We’ve partnered with projects from Brazil to Borneo, representing many species and wild spaces from the forests to the oceans. In each case, human activity is the biggest driver of destruction. This unique initiative gives YOU the opportunity to contribute to worldwide conservation – just £21 supports all 21 projects. To find out more about each project and how they need our support more than ever right now, please click on the images below.