A lifelong love of travel and a desire to safeguard wildlife and wild places around the world provided the inspiration for Explorers Against Extinction.

A Passion for Travel

Back in 2000 we started off as a small independent ATOL-bonded safari specialist, Real Africa.  We focused on responsible wildlife travel and used local guides and services wherever possible.

Travelling back and forth to Africa, as well as to many other parts of the world, we were increasingly aware that wildlife densities were lower,  severe weather events were more common and there was increasing pressure on protected areas and communities living in close proximity to them.

We were also conscious of our own impact from travelling, and the carbon footprint of the travel industry as a whole.

The Real Africa Trust

The wildlife, wild spaces and people of Africa were the keystone of our business and we felt a responsibility to support them.

In particular, we wanted to empower the communities living alongside protected areas.

In 2007 we set up a small charitable trust called The Real Africa Trust. Many of the projects we worked with focused on education and the relationship between ecotourism, wildlife and local community. In Kenya, for example, we funded the building of a new classroom for a school right on the edge of the Masai Mara, and supported Masai men and women who wanted to work in ecotourism by helping them to train to become chefs at local camps/lodges.


Partnerships to Protect the Wild

Explorers Against Extinction replaced the Real Africa Trust after 10 years  in 2017. The catalyst for the new trust was a desire to contribute to projects beyond Africa.

We wanted Explorers Against Extinction to be a community – a movement – where people from all walks of life collaborate for a wilder planet. Stakeholders range from corporate and celebrity supporters to school children, artists, photographers and ‘everyday’ explorers like us who love to travel and are passionate about the wild.

By uniting our voices we can campaign for change and make a difference. And we are making a difference: we have supported projects in all seven continents, ranging from the forests to the ocean – some of these projects would not have been possible without your support. Thank you.

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