Our Story

The Real World Conservation Trust (RWCT) is a registered UK charity (Reg. No. 1177505. ) ‘Explorers Against Extinction’ and ‘Sketch for Survival’ are both registered working names of the Trust.

Our mission is threefold: to promote the conservation of rare and endangered species and the protection of their environments; to advance the education of the public in the conservation issues around rare and endangered species and the threats to their environment;  to help local communities impacted by proximity to rare species benefit from their protection.

Collaboration is key and partnerships include Save the Elephants, African Parks, Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Rhino Conservation Botswana, Painted Dog Conservation, Ape Alliance, Animals Asia, Animals Saving Animals and Fauna and Flora International.

Through creative initiatives, annual exhibitions and events we aim to ignite a passion for responsible travel and conservation and to connect with ‘everyday explorers’ who like us, want to safeguard wildlife and wild spaces for future generations.

Whether you enjoy exploring your local beach, or travelling to remote corners, the world has never been more accessible or more in need of positive action.

By working together, we can make a difference.

To explore some of the ways you can support our work,  please visit the Support Us page.


Our initiatives and events have helped to raise awareness about a range of important global conservation topics as well as raising over US$ 200,000 for nominated projects since 2016.

We provide:


We work on specific, often immediate-need conservation projects, raising the funds to allow specialist frontline organisations to carry out their work quickly and efficiently.


From the critically endangered Tapanuli Orangutan to specialist conservation canines and rangers working to protect iconic species, we highlight the amazing work of our partners to help them generate long-term funding and support.


Through our annual campaigns and social media, and by working with schools in the UK and Africa we aim to connect with a wide audience and educate on key conservation topics.


The world is facing an unprecedented natural crisis but if each and every one of us made some small changes, it would help to mitigate the crisis. By sharing news and updates from our project partners we’ll show you there is much to feel hopeful about.