Our Story

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) there are more than 37,400 species threatened with extinction. By 2050, without urgent action,  scientists predict that half of all species on Earth could be extinct.

Making a Stand Against Extinction

The scale of the challenges facing the planet at this current time are daunting, but it’s not too late to take action and make a difference.

We support immediate need frontline projects which focus on protecting threatened species and their habitats as well as helping to empower local communities.

Through our ‘Partnerships to Protect the Wild’ we have successfully helped to safeguard a wide range of endangered species and at risk wild spaces in more than 20 different countries including the UK.

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Our initiatives and events have helped to raise awareness about a range of important global conservation topics as well as raising over US$ 250,000 for nominated projects.

We provide:


We work on specific, often immediate-need conservation projects, raising the funds to allow specialist frontline organisations to carry out their work quickly and efficiently.


From the critically endangered Tapanuli Orangutan to specialist conservation canines and rangers working to protect iconic species, we highlight the amazing work of our partners to help them generate long-term funding and support.


Through our annual campaigns and social media, and by working with schools in the UK and Africa we aim to connect with a wide audience and educate on key conservation topics.


The world is facing an unprecedented natural crisis but if each and every one of us made some small changes, it would help to mitigate the crisis. By sharing news and updates from our project partners we’ll show you there is much to feel hopeful about.