Explorers Against Extinction would not exist without the support of explorers, artists, illustrators, cartoonists, celebrities…and you. Thank you.

Joni Mitchell

Our annual art initiative, Sketch for Survival, has been growing year-on-year. Every year we exhibit a handful of celebrity sketches alongside those of our professional artists and amateur artists winning a place in the exhibition through our competition.

In 2021 we were honoured to receive an artwork from legendary Canadian singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell. Joni’s jaguar, inspired by a project we were supporting in Brazil’s Pantanal sold at auction for £17,000 GBP.

It is the highest selling artwork in any of our collections to date and just goes to show how important celebrity support is to the conservation cause. Not only did Joni’s artwork help to raise much needed funds but it also raised profile for our charity and the projects we work with, as well as awareness about a number of different causes.


Stephen Fry

Nick Park

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Richard E. Grant

Levison Wood

Mary Berry

Dame Judi Dench

Benedict Allen

Kevin Pietersen

Julia Bradbury

Pip Stewart

Frederick Forsyth

Ray Mears

Dame Helen Mirren

Fearne Cotton

Rachel Riley

Sophie Thompson

Bill Nighy

Our supporters include:

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Colonel John Blashford-Snell, Benedict Allen, Levison Wood, Pip Stewart, Ash Bhardwaj, Kingsley Holgate, Leon McCarron, Laura Bingham, Jamie Berry, Olie Hunter Smart, Charlie Boorman, Alastair Humphreys, Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent, Holly Budge.

Joni Mitchell, Dame Judi Dench, Sir Paul McCartney, Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Stephen Fry, Richard E. Grant, Rachel Riley, Nick Park, Mary Berry, Joanna Lumley, Charlotte Ritchie, Frederick Forsyth, Bill Nighy, Simon Reeve, Gordon Buchanan, Clive Anderson, Gillian Burke, Jilly Goolden, Julia Bradbury, Ray Mears, Liz Bonnin, Liza Goddard, Mark Carwardine, Sophie Thompson, Kevin Pietersen, Nicky Campbell, Andy McNab, Giles Clark, George McGavin, Fern Britton, Fearne Cotton, Jimmy Doherty, Alfred Enoch, Ferne Corrigan, Elizabeth Emanual, Galton Blackiston, Lois Pryce.

Gary Hodges, Alison Nicholls, Karen Laurence-Rowe, Anne London, Emily Lamb, Clive Meredith, Sevina Yates, Carol Barrett, Emma Bowring, Gemma Hayward, Martin Buffery, Rogue One, Andrew Pledge, Kim Thompson, Peter Gray, Rachel Toll, Terry Isaacs, Violet Astor, Tori Ratcliffe, Millie Marotta, Jonesy, Peter Schrank, Frank Pretorius, Barry Blake, Graeme Stevenson, Tichaone Ncube, Louise McNaught, Pip McGarry, Rebecca Green, Katy Jade Dobson, Angela May Smith, Annabel Pope, Becky Cameron, Atsu Harada, Natalie Graham, Kim Thompson, Sian Storey, Natalie Mascall, Julie Cross, Siobhan Barlow, Marie Antoniou, Nick O’Neill, Emma Swift + many more.

Karen Laurence-Rowe

Clive Meredith

Rachel Toll

Carol Barrett

Nick O′Neil

Gemma Hayward

Sarah Stribbling

Siobhan Barlow

Terence Russell

Tori Ratcliffe

Emily Lamb

Fiona Groom


Emma Bowring

Liam Collins

Jennifer Lommers

Natalie Graham

Sian Storey

Natalie Mascall

Millie Marotta

Nicola Reif