Enter the PureTravel Writing Competition 2023 and support Explorers Against Extinction

The PureTravel Writing Competition 2023

One of our Sponsors – Pure Travel – are running a travel writing contest. The winning entries will be posted on their web site and ours. PureTravel is a long standing supporter of ours and all their profits are donated to Explorers Against Extinction every year to cover our running costs.

Not only that, we get to publish some of the amazing travel writing that is sent to them!

How to Enter:

Write and tell us about your most breathtaking travel moment. Whether you stumbled on a stunning view or glimpsed a long-lost ruin. Perhaps you bumped into someone unexpectedly or were shown kindness by a stranger. Maybe you had a terrifying journey or witnessed an amazing sunrise/sunset.

Make us really feel that moment with you.

If your story is selected as the winner, you will receive US$500 to put towards your next trip.

For full details of how to enter, visit the writing competition page at PureTravel.