Focus for Survival

Our Focus for Survival 2019 is now closed.

Full details of Focus for Survival 2020 and the new FFS Introducing competition will be released here on 1st January 2020.

African wild dog (Lycaon pictus) Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Photographed with BeetleCam.

Focus for Survival comprises of striking wildlife images kindly donated by professional and celebrity wildlife photographers, each of an endangered species.

The Focus for Survival collection is exhibited at the same venues as Sketch for Survival. This year the exhibition toured the UK in autumn 2019, finishing at the Royal Geographical Society on Thursday 14th November.

In 2020 we will be running a FFS Introducing free-to-enter competition to allow all photographers to show their support for conservation.

All the images in the 2019 exhibition were included in our fund-raising online auction which concluded on Sunday 17 November 2019.

Images: Whale by Paul Goldstein for Focus for Survival 2019; Wild Dog by Will Burrard-Lucas for Focus for Survival 2019

If you are a professional photographer and would like more information about supporting the campaign, please contact Sara White at sara@explorersagainstextinction.co.uk.