Sign for Survival

On average, one African elephant is poached in the wild every 26 minutes.

That’s 55 a day.

Make a stand against extinction

We’re sending  Arising from the Dust by artist Richard Symonds on a unique Spring migration.

We want to collect 26 celebrity autographs along the way to help highlight threats to wildlife and wild spaces. The signed artwork will be exhibited on our autumn tour  including gallery@oxo on London’s South Bank. It will be auctioned in aid of Explorers Against Extinction 2020 projects helping to safeguard iconic species and wild spaces.

Huge thanks to Peter Egan and Rick Wakeman for supporting the initiative – we have our first two autographs!

Who will sign ‘Arising from the Dust’ next? Join us on social media to follow the journey from now until the autumn.

Please note: the elephant’s migration will be offset using our carbon calculator.