Sketch for Survival 2020 Wildlife


Wow. That was hard. We received over 600 entries to the 2020 SFS Introducing Wildlife category and the standard, as you will see, is incredibly high. There were probably 30-40 artworks not chosen this year that would have made the 100 in 2019. Entries came from all over the world – China, South Korea, Russia, Iran, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US, Brazil, Iceland, Dubai, Qatar, Tanzania and most countries in Europe.

Our Selection Panel was led by Gary Hodges, the UK’s best selling and most collectable wildlife pencil artist, and Alison Nicholls, a leading African Wildlife Artist based in the US, specialising in sketching and watercolour. They were assisted by Robert Ferguson, Sara White and Charles Jukes, the trustees of Explorers Against Extinction. It took several days of deliberation to narrow the submissions to just over 200, the final cut to 100 taking many more hours and much debate.

The following 100 pieces are selected to join our Invitational Collection on display at gallery@oxo in London this November and will be sold in our online auction which follows. Many congratulations to all the successful artists.

To see the Wild Spaces SFS Introducing collection please click here.

Those artworks not selected for the 100 collection will be on display on our website and offered through our online Affordable Art Gallery from 5 September with funds raised supporting our projects.