Sketch For Survival Virtual Gallery 1: Wildlife Lots 1 – 88

Exploring the Virtual Gallery

You have two options:

  • Enter Exhibition: this allows you to explore the exhibition as you please,  using the four arrows bottom right. Click on an artwork to zoom in and get more details.
  • Start Guided Tour:  you will be moved automatically around the exhibition, pausing for a few seconds at each lot. You can pause the tour at any time by clicking “Pause Tour” at the top right of the screen. To resume, click on the white circle with three horizontal lines, also top right of the screen, and select “Start Tour”. The tour will resume.

With either option, to get information about a specific artwork, simply click on the “i” information icon alongside the lot number shown in the top right of the screen. If you then click on the “Click here for more details and to Bid”  a new tab will open in the auction catalogue itself, with full details of the piece and allowing you to place a bid.

Please note: the gallery will take a short time to load.

Happy Browsing.