Stories For Survival 2021 – Childrens entries

Thank you for all the amazing short stories, essays and poems we received for our competition. We hope you enjoy reading through them as much as we did.

Eliana Tam

A World Without Rogue

A world without Rogue the dog, we won’t have company.

A world without Rouge won’t have anyone to wake us up and give us tail wags every morning.

A world without Rogue we won’t have hugs and kisses when we feel sad.

A world without Rogue we won’t realize that dogs are more than animals, they are family.

A world without Rogue we won’t know that she isn’t a pet, she is like a sibling to us.

A world without Rogue she wouldn’t become a mini X-men to protect us from bad guys.

A world without Rogue we wouldn’t have a dog to play with whenever we want to.

A world without Rouge we won’t have any pictures of her to look at and say “She’s so cute!” or “She’s like a baby”.

A world without Rouge we wouldn’t be able to laugh and play in water with her.

A world without Rouge we wouldn’t be able to say no to Rogue when she bites us.

A world without Rouge we wouldn’t be able to laugh at each other to watch each other get chased by her.

A world without Rouge we wouldn’t be able to watch her sleeping like a peaceful baby.

A world without Rouge we wouldn’t be able to watch her chewing on her favorite bone.

A world without Rouge we wouldn’t be able to watch her carrying her favorite bucket everywhere she walks.

A world without Rouge we wouldn’t be able to watch her sleeping with her favorite dog stuff toy.
A world without Rouge, there wouldn’t be much happiness in our family.


Ebere Della Chisom

Wild animals and forest trees are important aspects of nature as they add beauty to our nature and must not be exploited.

We may not realize how much impact animals have on our lives while watching them display their different characteristics .These wildlife play an extremely important part in the lives of human and there is need for them to be conserved because they help in balancing the ecosystem

The incessant cutting of trees

is leading to the destruction of the habitats of the wildlife. The careless deeds of human beings like hunting, cutting of trees makes these wild animals to leave their natural habitat and search for new habitat which exposes them to lots of dangers and can lead to the depletion of our wildlife resources and extinction.

Wild animals and trees are very important aspects of nature and loss of any of them may lead to unnatural consequences.

It is the sole and social responsibility of we human beings to conserve our wildlife inorder to prevent it’s extinction.

Indeed, a world without wildlife and forest trees will pose a serious danger to human beings.


Lina Price

The Balance of Nature


On the blue and green marble that floats in space,

I look all around me at this wonderous place.

Crystal clear lakes, peaceful mountain tops,

Glistening sunshine, majestic rocks.

Smoky skies and animal cries,

Creatures caged – I’m enraged!

Is it too late?

Does the earth have a sell by date?

Or is this humanity’s fate?

A world without harmony,

What a catastrophe I see!

Is there a world that’s done this right?

Can we learn from its foresight?

I zoom past planets all shapes and sizes,

Round the universe, there are many surprises!

I find a planet not much different to ours,

Filled with many forests with millions of flowers.

I look around; I can see animals, humans and communication.

None of them trapped in a specific location.

I see them living in the same community,

Peace and harmony for eternity.

All of nature roaming free,

Nothing killed, not even a flea!


I zoom again through space and time,

On a quest for more planets to find.

I land on a planet, from far looks like home,

When I reach it- it seems empty, I’m all alone.

I was shocked to see,

Devastation around me,

Death, destruction-

Total calamity!

Numerous coffins laid without wreaths,

What a sight to behold!

It fills me with grief.


The moon rises on the horrifying shore,

All I can see is war, war, war.

Gas masks, cloaks,

People dying with uncontrollable croaks.


As I quicken my pace,

There’s a race,

For humans and animals to collaborate.


I need to get back!


My shocking findings are crucial!

People need to see.

Now I’m back on earth,

I’ve realised what this planet is worth.

Can we learn from this hindsight?

Can we act now and make all of this right?


Chanima Ranlee Jayaratne

A World Without Shipwrecks 

A world without ships wrecks

Would be a great relief

Why do people build ships

that break, burn and sink?

It is my belief

And should be yours too,

That if ships did not wreck

The sea creatures will be spared

Dolphins can twirl,

Sea turtles swirl,

And so will the whales

Fish can roam happily

In and out of the reef

Through water as clear as glass

Picture this scene

With beaches so clean

And turtles swim to the shore with eggs to lay


Traveling the globe in a ship is fun

But think of poor creatures’ grief

Three ships ablaze in the shores of Sri Lanka,

Now imagine this terrible sight

Turtles flopped over, washed to the shores

Dolphins gone missing, not to be seen,

The whales have turned tail and fled,

And so have the fish

What a horrid thing,

What people have done

Letting ships burn and sink,

Spilling oil over, chemicals too

Plastic pellets in the sea
how wicked is this?


Our oceans will be gone, all polluted and spoilt,

No salt is fresh and pure,

All fish are killed and dead before catching,

And all those creatures who lived in the sea,

Have turned and left, never to come back.


Do you want it to happen, again and again?

Isn’t three enough, or do you want more?

Please, don’t let it happen again.

Build unsinkable ships, please do,

Build, build, unsinkable ships.

Save the lives of sea creatures

Please, let them come back,

Back to our sea,

A sea that is clean, not polluted so.

Build unsinkable ships

Save not only the lives of my island pearl

But all the creatures, in oceans far and wide

Save them, save them, do.



Sabine Marion U. Morelos


The cherry blossoms very pink and beautiful in my hands. Snacking on a hot and crispy bungeoppang as I take a walk with my family around the busy and colorful Myeongdong. The sweetest and juiciest strawberries I’ve ever tasted. The soft snow crunching under my boots. Dressed in a warm and pretty hanbok while discovering the grand palace. I remember all these wonderful memories we made in South Korea as if it happened yesterday. Thanks to the many pictures my parents took during those trips years ago.


Click! Click! Click! What is traveling without the sound of our cameras snapping away a favorite moment or the sights we love?


We take photos because we don’t want to forget the memories we make with our family and friends and the many wonderful things that we see with our very own eyes. We can’t just trust our minds to bring back moments when we need a happy thought especially when we become old and gray, or when we are uninspired and restless like during this pandemic.


We need something to see and touch to be able to remember, to bring us back to those special moments and remember our emotions, how we looked like, how we smiled or frowned, or how we felt while discovering new things with family. We need photographs. They make us travel all over again at moments when we cannot, and make us feel better.


A world without pictures is sad and dull. Without them nothing will be memorable. Our Facebook and Instagram will be a lonely place. We mostly post our photos there, right? Imagine if there were no photos and albums in them, our story would be blank!


Rayan Zeeshan

“A World without Technology……

We cannot imagine a world without technology as humans are becoming
tech-savvy day by day. Technology is an important factor for luxurious
life. The massive entrance of technology into our life has changed our
lifestyle completely through effective communication, efficient
manufacturing techniques and fast delivery. Technology played an
important role in society today. In this present time of Pandemic, we
will not be able to survive without technology as the majority of
offices are working online now. People are using online grocery apps
by which they can get their grocery at the doorstep. The children are
able to continue their education online. However, technology has a
positive and negative impact and it affects our everyday life. The
misuse of technology resulted in numerous mental problems such as
loneliness means lack of connection and attention and other
health-related issues like weak eyesight, headache, back pain etc.
Notably, without technology, the human lifestyle may become different
as they prefer to spend more time with their families and physical
activities may be enhanced. However, I feel that life without
technology may not be pleasant as it will create hindrances in
travelling, communication, food and healthcare, socialisation etc.


Nsovo Mabasa

Amazing things in life

The amazing things in life (to me) that make me say, “WOW!” Are right outside:

HUMUNGUS waterfalls! Splosh, splash, everywhere! Slimy green frogs leap from leaf to leaf. White, fluffy clouds float beneath the atmosphere and towering mountains look down onto the world below. Deer teach their young important survival skills whilst Bees travel from flower to flower.


Life somehow manages to sprout where life would cease to exist…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Space increases in size with every passing second and everything we see is made from atoms. Everything that is part of nature, just makes me say: “WOW!” I want us to keep exploring and discover more about our amazing creatures.


If we had a world without humans, the world would probably look like this; Injured animals would have to suffer because there would be no one left to help; air and plastic pollution would never have existed; buildings would have never been built, animals would have more territory and hunting would only exist between predator and prey.


Humans could make a big difference in the right way; we can still do SOMETHING about our environment.


Saphira Torrens

Without the 3,500

We stepped out of the car and a swarm of bloodthirsty insects descended upon us. Before I knew it, itchy welts covered my skin. Mosquitoes. The most irritating creature on this planet. Flying in dense swarms, they suck your blood to feed their young. Their bites kill more than 1 million each year by infecting your blood with terrible illnesses. Zika. Malaria. Yellow Fever. Diseases that, if they don’t kill you, will sap your youth and strength.

What would happen if all those pesky mosquitoes just vanished? It would be wonderful! . . . Right? Well, maybe for humans, but not animals.  Frogs, lizards, bats, and dragonflies all depend on mosquitoes as a food source. Without mosquitoes, these and other animals would die. Still, they might eventually adapt and find another source of food. Meanwhile, we might notice that the world is less beautiful. Mosquitoes are uniquely positioned as the sole pollinator of wild orchids. Without mosquitoes, the iridescent whirr of a dragonfly’s wings might become a rare wonder and the summer symphony of frogs on the lake would be reduced to a sorrowful solo. So the question remains: Would the world be better off without mosquitoes?

Out of 3,500 species of mosquitoes, only 200 species feed on humans. The remaining 3,300 species flying about eat nectar, honeydew, and plant sap. No mosquitoes would mean that summer vacations ruined by painful, itchy bites disappear – but do you think that convenience is worth the price that it would cost the rest of the animal kingdom? Until we can target only those mosquitoes that carry diseases or feed on humans, maybe it would be better to bear with this tiresome insect.



The Journey of Life

The Journey of Life starts on earth from the first day, living beings were born. Neanderthals started it as nomads, the journey they embarked on was set on foot. The invention of the wheel had set the travelling path of homosapiens in a different trajectory.

There are several journeys which embellish the history pages, viz Columbus’s journey seeking to find India, ended up enslaving the natives of USA.

The Father of people republic of china Mae Zedong & his followers ran 8000 miles for a whole year to save their lives.

Touring had always been dopamine and it quadruples if the tour is undertaken with loved ones, leaving us with cherishing moments.

We endeavour a lot in life, we travel to seek jobs, to solicit a friend, to study, to love, all these give us irreplaceable wisdom.

There’s interesting journey of travelling, inside the book we read, it is so, because we’re intertwined with the protagonist’s serendipitous encounters & augment his experiences as ours.

Harping on the point that life by itself wears a journey cycle; which starts at birth, travels with our delightful mothers, smiling friends at schools, the blissful love, rhapsodies of our toddlers, relentless search of money, and pursuing peace & tranquillity when old.

Amidst the hustling & bustling milieu and everyone is chasing ever-moving targets & keeps us on our toes 24 x 7, we want to unwind and rejuvenate ourselves by travelling to a place far from our work & bosses who keeps breathing down our neck all the time.

We circle the mill in our daily work. A handful of men seek independence from it & yearn for worldly wisdom. Travel enables them to attain it. Even then, only a few, with an eye for finer details reap the fruits of wisdom.


Erin Colgate

A world without…

A world without humans would be good,

And bad at the same time,

it would be as hard as a rhyme,

no one would be there,

animals would have no love or care.


The good side would be,

no pollution or climate change,

For this- my friends I would even exchange!

The natural world is a calm place to sit and relax,

Who would destroy it?



The bad side would be,

Without humans there would be no technology,

No inventions to help save the planet,

No humans to care or do their bit,

This would only take place,

In a world with a good human race.


What do you think the world would be without the human race?

More importantly what would the world be like without your face?

What do you do to help keep our planet intact?

If we all work together, we can save our place and that is a fact!


We are at a crucial point in time,

We can change this stories rhyme,

We need to care for the earth and sea,

Because there is no planet B!


Isabella Duncan

 Instinct or Extinct?

 1.We’ve been given a great big planet,            7. Humans are hunting too many,

A giant garden to tender and care.              Animals dying day after day.

But we are not alone on this earth,              All to make sure we have plenty,

And we MUST learn how to share!              We’re overfishing and trawling-



2.When I think of this world I see                 8.   Factories are pumping

Wonderous rainbow-filled skies,                    Dangerous toxins in the air,

Majestic White fluffy clouds,                        Plastic polluting our oceans,

And magical forests with butterflies.           And people JUST DON’T CARE!


3.When I look at this world I see               9.   We need to respect the life around us,

Purple gas clouds polluting the sky,          Let great, green nature take control for a while.

Crumbling forests, dying in pain                Without deforestation, without using cars,

And no rainbows floating up high.            Children could breathe fresh air and smile.


4.Yet we take things for granted                  10.   Time your electricity usage,

Just little things sometimes,                         Go litter picking on the beach.

We think that there are so many animals,     Because if everyone did their bit,

And it is a problem that won’t decline!        This is a world we might be able to keep.


5.Without being able to hunt,

Would mean less food we find.

Without being able to farm,

Would mean more hunger for humankind.


6.We were given this earth so we can tend it,

To share with the beautiful life around us.

But what we are doing is not right,

And we are taking over, acres and acres.


Rachael Ang Kang Hui

Topic:  A World Without Plants

Have you ever wondered what it would be like without us?


No trees towering over you,

Lining your footpaths,

gracing your roads,

we, green silent sentinels.


No beautiful flowers for you all to admire,

colouring your world with

Hibiscus, Cherry Blossoms and Roses,

brightening up your day.


No trees shadowing over you,

blocking the scorching Sun

covering you,

from the unbearable heat.


No oxygen producing, carbon dioxide absorbing,

us, Photosynthesising,

for your life sustaining air,

Removing for you what you breathe out.


No wood pulps to make your paper.

Writing on us,

Wiping with us,

Showing your worksheets ꟷ  us!


Please save us plants,

put the 3Rs into good practise.

Printing your worksheets on both sides.

A world without plants is a world without you!


Amelia Ysabella C. de Guzman

A World of Our Own

My family is my world.

In a world without the chance to travel, they help me survive in what looks like an attempt to make humans extinct.

Whenever we have time, we try to experience the world through its sights, sounds, culture, and cuisine. Travel makes us appreciate family and the special bond that we have. The pandemic halted us in our tracks, yet, it didn’t stop us from enriching our little universe.

Ensconced in our home, we tried not only to survive but to thrive. We traveled the world through books, movies and creating dishes we enjoyed during our trips. We cultivated a rooftop garden that meant waking up to birds trilling, bees buzzing, and caterpillars waiting to morph into beautiful butterflies. Like us, plants and animals also find ways to live amidst the chaos.

One of the fun things we did was to identify which animals we were. We often tease my mom that she was an owl because of her big eyes. My dad was like our alpha wolf. Wolves can live up to sixteen years. Our alpha lived up to forty-seven.

We lost him last April due to COVID-19. I still remember the way I screamed. It was sort of a howl, but instead of being a battle cry, it was a scream of disbelief. Our pack is no longer whole. With God’s grace, however, we continue to move forward. I take this event as an opportunity to grow. I’ve learned to appreciate the little moments and always try to live life to the fullest.

In a world without my father, I believe that there will still be sunshine and rainbows. It may be a smaller one, but it is a world that is truly my own.

Navya Raghunandan

A World Without Oxygen –

Something in this world is available to everyone, but not everyone values it. Think about the last time you thanked, valued, and expressed gratitude for oxygen. Oxygen is a vital element for us to survive. It provides nutrients for our body, and helps us in many more ways than you might think. The Covid pandemic is a great example of major oxygen shortage in many countries of the world. Many are dying with every moment wasted and many are barely surviving. Think about the most recent time you took a breath. Less than a second ago, I’m sure. Without this vital source, many would perish as they are now, and our planet would no longer be a Goldilocks planet. Life cannot thrive, but we don’t embrace it as much as we should. It comes and goes in different forms such as water, wind, air of course, and many more. A world without oxygen, is a world without humans and animals. It’s a tragic nightmare where no one can survive. The more trees cut down, the more oxygen wasted. The less oxygen inhaled, the less humans live. A world without it is a world we can’t stay in. It’s a world where… you wont exist. Oxygen is provided free to us. The least we can do is value it for keeping us alive and healthy. The next time you take a breath, think about the long and complicated history that allows you to do so. We can’t help oxygen, let’s at least appreciate it.


Karina Nespirna

Hello everyone!

My name is Karina, and welcome to my blog.

Today I’m going to write about a vital topic nowadays. I’d like you all to pay attention to the words below.

All of us are units of nature. Animals, plants, and we are part of nature. We can live and feel. Everyone deserves a life and freedom. But humanity is starting to forget about another part of nature. About animals and plants that also deserve to be live and free as we do.

Let’s take a good example as black rhinos that are becoming extinct. Believes about their powerful horns have started in Asia a long time ago. First, shamans used the horns as bowls that have power. However, it didn’t work, and the horns went into the medical sphere. So in China, the horns used to be antipyretic. Then poachers hunted on the black rhinos because their horns were considered mighty and cost as a car. From 1970 to 1992, poachers killed almost 96% of the population of black rhinos. Even in 2011, the black rhinos were accepted as extinct at all. But fortunately, a couple of representatives of this type were found. Nevertheless, there are only 4800 black rhinos left.

I sincerely hope that you have read all this article and reached conclusions. If you’re motivated but don’t know what you can do to help, there are some advice:

-Join an organization that helps animals and plants.

-Organize your organization and invite your friends and acquaintances to join it.

-Share this topic with your friends and family, talk about it.

-Keep the environment clean. If you see any rubbish, pick it up.

I’m so grateful for your attention and help!

Keep smiling, drink water and be happy.

Best wishes,



Sabina Nabiev

A World Without Viruses

If the world would be without viruses, what would happen? At first, I thought that you could go anywhere and wouldn’t have to wear a mask. You would not worry that you could get sick. Now I know that this will never happen because some viruses help to make air. Even if it did happen, it would make you happy only for one or two days. After that you would die because a lot of good things are made by viruses. Some viruses make air. Other viruses help cows to make milk.  Still other viruses help to kill bad viruses and illnesses in you. Scientists think that people have 300,000 viruses in their bodies. Maybe one day we will not get sick because scientists will create an antidote using viruses that will defeat every other virus.

I don’t want to live in a world without viruses, do you?


Amin Nabiev

A World Without Megalodons

The first megalodon lived 15 million years ago. Today they are all extinct! If they were not extinct, we couldn’t look at megalodon fossils. A fossilized megalodon jaw is three meters wide. If megalodons were alive today, they would eat us. They eat 100 tons of fish each day. Megalodons could swim through a tsunami and crash into houses.  They would steal all of the fish from the fishermen.

I still wish that there were megalodons now. I want to see them. If there were 1,000 megalodons there would be 40 million teeth washing up on the shore each year. I want to hunt megalodons and make boots from their skin. I would kill them with a torpedo and eat them. I would kill all of the megalodons and one megalodon would sell for $10,000,000,000,000 dollars. If I killed all of the megalodons people could swim and not worry about being eaten. The fishermen would not be afraid of the megalodons anymore and the megalodons would not eat all of the fishes from the fishing boat. It is good that they are extinct. Living without megalodons is good.


Lee Chun Hei

A World Without Nightmare 

Hello, I am a world traveler called Evee. I love traveling to places that people have never explored before.

I have been to the land of Sakha Republic, Russia; Yucatan, Cenotes; and Antarctica.

Last year, I went to the Namib Desert, which means “vast place”, in Africa. Before arriving there, I felt quite excited yet scared. I was greeted by a tour guide there. He was a bit unusual. He didn’t seem to be talkative and always looked the other way.

Then, he took me to his jeep and showed me a map of the Namib Desert. He pointed at a cross in the center of the map and said he would drive me there the next morning. He turned on his jeep and it made a “Wooooooooo!” sound. I started to worry about the things I heard from people. They said there were ghosts in the desert that ate all the plants. They also said there was a mad professor who turned all the people into zombies!

“Tap! Tap! Tap!” I heard some footsteps coming towards me! It must be the mad professor! Help!

Then I heard a voice, “Hey! Who are you?”

I gave a sigh. I asked, “Oh, another explorer?”

“Yes,” the voice replied, “and I am going to the ghost town!”

“Where and what is the ghost town?” I asked.

“In the ghost town lays a coffin. People say there is a mummy in it,” the voice explained.

“So where is it?”, I asked in a serious tone.

“Just in front of you!”, the voice echoed.

I jumped! I saw a strange-looking block in front of me. I wracked my brains. Suddenly, a strange voice said, “You are dead!”

I turned behind, but there’s nothing! Then I turned back. What! The coffin disappeared! A weird sensation was felt across my body. Were my eyes tricking me? No. Then I yelled at my top voice, “Is anyone here?”

There was only a dreadful laugh! “HAHAHA! Do you know this desert is haunted? MWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

I panicked. I yelled! I screamed!!! I opened my eyes. I realized it was all a dream! I just fell asleep in the tour guide’s jeep! What a nightmare!

I don’t want another nightmare ever!


Clara Fink

Sloth Smart

 I´m secretly smart.

Nobody knew.

I was crazy, a daisy.

But only SECRETLY smart.

I´m funny, a bunny.

But SECRETLY smart.

I wanted them to know,

I could put on a brainy show.

So I made a book,

About sloths.

And ironically,

I was slow to make it.

But I was still smart,

Except this time,

Everyone knew.


Muhammad Hamza Munawar

A World Without  Glaciers

Hurray! We were going to the Northern areas of Pakistan. We went there by a private bus. I was really enjoying myself as we were driving on the bumpy road. My family and I were going to stay in a hotel in a place called Hunza. Through the window, I saw an enormous mountain with glaciers. Then a thought came to my mind. What if we lived in a world without glaciers?

On our way, we came across a large and breath-taking waterfall. Behind it, was a snow-covered mountain peak with a glacier. It was slowly melting and the water flowed down as a waterfall. It went on to become a river and I saw a herd of Markhor drinking from the river. If the glacier had completely melted, the herd would not have anything to drink. I saw a village up river and the natives used the water from the river for drinking and washing. If the river dried up because the glacier melted, the people would die of thirst.

We were on our way and enjoying the splendid views spread out before us. Suddenly, I spotted a snow leopard sitting on top of a glacier and watching us with its sharp, blue eyes. It gave an ear-piercing roar and I almost jumped out of my skin.

The snow leopard lived there as the glacier was his territory. If the merciless sun had completely melted the glacier, the snow leopard would have nowhere to live. Finally, we reached the hotel and I observed that there were a lot of people staying at the hotel. The receptionist told us about how a glacier had melted and produced a magnificent waterfall. The waterfall had attracted many tourists as it was a fascinating sight. If the glacier had completely melted, the waterfall would have dried up and not many people would have come to the hotel. I then comprehended how important glaciers are and that a world without glaciers would be dreadful.

At the hotel I got bored so I wrote a poem called A World Without Glaciers


A world without glaciers

Is impossible to see

All the animals that live there

Will have to flee


Oceans will rise

Rivers will dry

Glaciers will melt

Many will die


No ships will crash

No ships will bash

Into icebergs

And become trash


Skeletons will be found

Of a monstrous hound

Scientists will celebrate

All year round


A world without glaciers

Is unimaginable

I hope I never live to see it

As it will be terrible


Hatsuko Pawa Kree

Title: “A World Without Sophie’s Key”


Sophie inherited a globe, a key and a letter from her late grandmother. The globe had a keyhole. The letter warned, “Terrible things happen when someone unlocks the globe.” Curious, Sophie accidentally unlocked it. The continents on the globe mechanically combined into one. All of a sudden, Sophie is sucked into the globe.


Sophie found herself in a 19th century seaport – but it was up in a mountain! She saw ruins, boats and depressed people. Suspecting that Sophie was a spy, the guards caught her. The King and The Prince were discussing a mission when the guards brought Sophie into the chamber. Legend says that they can undo the chaos by getting a sacred key from the center of the earth and with it, unlock a keyhole in a floating island.


Sophie was interrogated. The King said, “This happened before. All continents combined into Pangaea, causing destruction and famine. You, descendant of the ‘Protector’, have failed in your duty and must be punished.” Regretting her action, Sophie volunteered to participate in their mission. She remembered the keyhole’s position on the globe. The King accepted Sophie’s offer.


The Prince led Otto, Sophie and knights to a seaport. Captain Nemo welcomed them to board Nautilus. Otto directed Captain Nemo to set course into an underwater cave. Nautilus resurfaced in a big cave – Atlantis! They found the key in a temple, returned to Nautilus and headed to the sea surface.


Phileas was already waiting in his hot air balloon when the Nautilus resurfaced. The Prince and Sophie boarded his hot air balloon. Sophie instructed Phileas to pilot his hot air balloon towards the floating island. There, they unlocked the keyhole at a temple. Sophie is sucked into the keyhole. She found herself in her room. The globe is returned to normal.



Kennochava F. Abraham

A World without Plastic

Just imagine, you being a traveler looking around the world for

beautiful beaches like: Railay Beach, Thailand; Whitehaven Beach,

Australia; etc. Seas and Oceans very clear looking. You can dive in to

the water and see many marine animals and plants, isn’t it just

wonderful? Imagine a world full with no plastics everywhere.

But, look at what’s happening right now. Lots of plastic! Even animals

can’t stand it! Back in the 80’s or 70’s, people don’t use plastic. They

used glass bottles to drink, they had brown paper bags for shopping

and they reused it again. We want to live like the 70’s or 80’s, right? We

want Earth to be clean not full of plastic. If humans kept on throwing

plastic, then what about the animals? They aren’t as smart as humans.

Sometimes they think it is food. Plastic is filled with chemical and needs

thousands of years to be burned. Did you know animals are beginning

to be endangered because of one thing which is plastic? What did the

animals do to us that we began to hurt them with plastic? Animals are

also forced to die in a hard way, you know!

What about life without plastic? Animals are happy and they can

reproduce into more animals without harm. And us? Well we will be

living peacefully with no stress and no difficulty. So it’s a fair trade, am I

right? Animals have their peace and humans too! So, if you think about

it, can we get rid of plastic? Answer is yes we can. We just need to be

more careful on what we invent in the future later. Think first before you

act. Can we also live without plastic? Answer is yes. Just think about

the future without plastic. Is life that easy?


Daisy Blacklock

You wouldn’t


A world without curiosity

Would be a world without the intelligence of elephants,

A world without exploration.


You wouldn’t take a little look

Or explore the world a little more

Or step a little further

Or ask a little question

Or discover a little more.


Curiosity keeps us alive.

Life keeps curiosity alive.

Curiosity is life.


Life is curiosity.

Aditi Arora

A World without Flora and Fauna 

A world without plants and animals, unimaginable, isn’t it? The world would be an inanimate ball without them. At the first rays of the new rising sun, rather than waking up to the melodious chirping of birds, you would be woken up to the repugnant odour of pollution caused by factories. Without the captivating aura of flowers, our world would be a colourless place. Everything would be missing starting from the ferocious lions in the jungles of Africa to the massive anacondas in South America to even the Bengal tigers from India. Our world would be incomplete! Without our beloved trees, we all would have to develop gas masks that would filter the oxygen in the atmosphere because the air would be unsuitable for breathing. Living on Earth without all animals and plants would be an absolute nightmare. Even if we can survive with the gas masks as luck would have it, there would be no food to provide us with energy. We cannot survive without plants and animals!



Our planet is heading towards such a world where plants and animals are going extinct at rapid rates every day. Scientists know more about the number of stars in the cosmos than the number of species in our world. If we are not aware of how many species there are in the first place, we cannot know precisely how much we are losing. However, by the current estimates, we can understand that the results are not doing well. Experts believe that the accelerated decline of species today is between 1,000 and 10,000 times greater than the usual natural extinction rate. As you can predict, this is a big crisis. Here are some ways to help out:

  • Educate your family about endangered species in your area.
  • Recycle and buy sustainable products
  • Grow native plants
  • Reduce your ecological footprint
  • Donate at ca for saving animals from different parts of the world


Ragini Jain


A WORLD WITHOUT JAIPUR                                                                                IS LIKE THAT A CHILD WITHOUT MOM                                                                A WORLD WITHOUT JAIPUR                                                                                IS LIKE THAT JERRY WITH TOM


JAIPUR THE PINK CITY IS ABODE OF KINGS                                                     WHERE NATURE SPEAKS AND NATURE SINGS                                                IT IS A PLACE WHERE CULTURE IS MOST IMPORTANCE                               JANTAR MANTAR HAS A VALUABLE SCENE


JAIPUR IS FOUNDED BY MAHARAJA SWAI JAISINGH II                                    JAIPUR IS ALSO RECOGNIZED BY PINK CITY                                                    JAIPUR HAS MANY PLACES,PALACES,TOWNS AND FORTS                           IT IS A FAMOUS CITY


JAIPUR IS ONE OF BEAUTIFUL AND THE CULTURALLY CITIES IN THE WORLD                                                                                                                   JAIPUR’S MAIN ATTRACTION IS ARCHETYPAL ARCHITECTURE                    HAWA MAHAL, JAL MAHAL,JANTAR MANTAR AND SOME OF JAIPUR FORTS AND MONUMENTS ARE

FAMOUS ALL OVER THE WORLD                                                                        IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF JAIPUR MANY PEOPLE HAD LOST THEIR HEART


JAIPUR IS ALSO RICH IN CULTURE                                                                     JAIPUR IS ALSO FAMOUS FOR TEXTILE, HERITAGE AND MANY OTHERS     IT’S PINK COLOUR IS VERY REFLECTING                                                         IT IS LIKE A PARENT’S AFFECTING


THE BEST TO EXPERIENCE IN THE CAPITAL OF RAJASTHAN IS CHOKHI DHANI                                                                                                                     THE BEST FESTIVAL CELEBRATED IN JAIPUR IS GANGAUR                           PEOPLE WEAR TRADITIONAL ATTIRE                                                               IT’S DRESS COLOUR IS GREEN




THE FAMOUS FOOD OF RAJASTHAN IS CHURMA,BATI,KHEER,SAGRI,LASI AND PYAAJ KACHORI                                                                                           ALL THESE THINGS ARE VERY TASTY                                                               WE SHOULD NOT EAT OR DRINK THE PRODUCTS MADE UP OF YEASTY   IN EVERY PATH OF OUR LIFE WE SHOULD ALWAYS TAKE HELP OF OUR BEST FRIEND OR BESTIE


JAL MAHAL LOOK MEMERIZING                                                                          HERE WE CAN SEE SUN RISING                                                                        BIRLA TEMPLE IS A SIGN OF BEAUTY                                                                JAIPUR POLICE IS ALWAYS ON DUTY




Zunairah Fatima

It wasn’t fair

A world without fairness was what Bangladesh was in my seven-year-old eyes.

I hopped into the grey Toyota beside my grandma, who was fussing over me for not drinking water. Beside her sat my mom, and in the front seat sat dad and the driver. We were going to my grandfather’s grave, to pay respect and read duas. I’ve never met him. He died long ago, but he might’ve lived longer if he didn’t smoke.
We drove out of the parking and little street, driving through other streets and into the main roads. I stared under a red footbridge. A group of scrawny children sat huddled together, staring up to the sky. Mom noticed me looking, and slapped my hand.
“Don’t stare.”
“Sorry.” I looked down, wondering how somebody could sleep with eyes open.
The car stopped, and the usual honking started.
A girl with braids knocked on my window. The car started to move, but she kept knocking, asking if she could have some money. The driver told her to scram, but she kept knocking. Her sad eyes were big and brown like mine. For a second I saw me in her before the car rolled away.
I wish I gave her the money, it wasn’t fair.
After another long traffic and crisscrosses, we drove into a tiny street. Exiting the street, we reached the mosque. I looked back, seeing graves barricaded with poor fences. I asked mom why they looked so poor in comparison to the marble graves. She said their families couldn’t pay for anything fine, and some were without family. I watched the graves as I walked to my grandfather’s. It wasn’t fair.




A World Without Bees.

If the bees disappear,

There goes our atmosphere.

Less plants, more carbon dioxide,

Less clean water, far and wide.


If the bees disappear,

Creatures will lose their frontier.

Less fruits, for each nation,

Less clothing, due to no pollination.


If the bees disappear,

All will soon live in fear.

A world without bees,

Will bring mankind to its knees.


If the bees disappear.


Juin Hian Quek

Young Jordan

We’re driving around in our Toyota and putting our faces out the window. We’re driving at about 60kph having fun except for my younger brother Jordan.

Ever since Jordan got paralysed, he hasn’t been his usual self. He doesn’t play, he doesn’t try his best at school, and he’s become very shy. Jordan’s paralysis has turned our lives upside down. I always try to help him, but it always seems to make it worse. I pray for Jordan every day to recover but that doesn’t work either. Without Jordan’s playful energy around, we all have become depressed. The doctor says it’s permanent, but I don’t believe her.

I quite clearly remember the day Jordan got accidentally paralysed. We were at Myer in the toys section and Mum had agreed for me to buy a remote-control drone a Jordan a remote-control car. We were going down the escalator when Jordan fell down the escalator.

My mum said, ‘My darling are you okay?’ she said worriedly
Jordan didn’t have time to answer because he blacked out. And that is how Jordan got paralysed. Sometimes, I think to myself that Jordan deserved that because he was playing on the escalator. But then I think that he’s just four and he doesn’t know of the outside world.
Then I usually confuse myself and go back to whatever I was doing.

Jordan’s paralysis shocked us all. Jordan’s paralysis cost lots of money so we had to rely on charity. But charity donations were few and so we had to go knocking door to door to support Jordan. But wherever we went we had no money. We were left in the dark crying and hoping that Jordan would recover.

We spent days praying and knocking door to door for donations, but nothing worked. Soon, dad was bankrupt, and we had no food and water. We were rejected, defined as beggars and soon without food and basic supplies. We knew we could not live for any longer, so we made our final wish, for Jordan to live.


Anabil Anousha

A World Without Border Control 


A world without border control,

where passports are wings,

where nobody is left alone,

whether poor or kings.


A world without border control,

where a baby panda and her twin,

take their mum on a stroll,

around their friends and kin.


A world without border control,

where people can travel to

reach their long-cherished goal,

in an old town or new.


A world without border control,

where fresh fruits and flowers

don’t lose their soul

in a plane journeying for hours.


A world without border control

where rivers and seas are freed

from man-made patrol

and endless power greed.



Shafiya Shuaib

A World Without

Have you ever wondered about a world without anywhere to call home?

You sometimes want to curl into a ball when you feel alone.

If it means me growing up all frail and week

What is the main reason behind sleep?

You used to hear the sounds of pots and pans

Now you just hear the sound of speeding vans

How does it feel to live in a house?

Is it cool or nice? Does it allow my mouse?

Many thoughts come to mind

You just realise that life has been timed

Nowhere you see a bed to sleep

You then suddenly start to weep

Isn’t this a bit tragic?

Similar to Maleficent losing all her magic

Dreams about having your own room

Not knowing you were soon going to be doomed

Wanting a place to invite friends over

Realising you were just looking at an old last year poster

Big ideas for the new fireplace

Knowing you have just lost the race

Thought of having family fun nights

It turned into a scream of frights

Wanting a corner to read a book

Now knowing it was a quick look

I have now said everything I see

I hope someday I will be free


Tang Li

Tigers in Trouble

I am sad to say that tigers are critically endangered. Did you know that less than 500 Sumatran tigers are left in the wild? They are the smallest surviving subspecies of tigers.

These dazzling striped felines are hunted for their beautiful hide or to be used for medicines or accessories. Other times, tigers may be killed because farmers try to protect their livestock. But have you ever thought of why the tigers come to eat the livestock anyways?

Usually, tigers prefer to stay away from us humans and hunt for prey instead. Since humans are raiding their habitats and stealing their food, they have no choice but to eat our livestock in towns and villages. But most people are afraid of tigers and will kill them even when they don’t make trouble.

Without tigers, many animals’ numbers will increase too much and are very harmful to the natural world. With no tigers, deer, as tigers’ main prey, would eat all the plants and, in the end, deer would go extinct without any plants left. Without plants’ coverage, rain would wash the soil away.

Without tigers, leopards and other predators will not be alert because they have no competitors. Therefore, the other predators will gradually lose their capacity in hunting with more available food.

It is very important for us to help tigers in trouble. Kids of all ages can help. For example, you can:

-Do not waste paper. Less paper means that fewer trees will be chopped off and less forest will be lost. So, tigers will have their habitats back.

-Start planting trees today. With more trees, there will be more habitats for tigers.

-Donate money to zoos and national parks that protect tigers. So, injured or rescued tigers can stay safe in captivity for recovery before going home.


Victoria Lim

A World Without Pangolins

Dear insolent, big creatures,

I hope you are reading this. In the modern era of today, many things have changed. I am one of the many species affected by the arrival of your creature.

Do you know how it feels when your whole world collapses in a blink of an eye, when it gets overpopulated with another type of species?

My species used to live happily in Singapore. Now, we live our lives in trepidation daily. The number of living relatives have dwindled over the years, and I fear that I may be the next to go. I fear that I may end up just like my fellow friends, nothing but a legend, passed on through stories told by my perpetrators to their kins.

Our fear may never have started if you had just left us alone. But no, you couldn’t! Everything that my species, and multiple other species, have left, is everything you have not taken from us.

I am trafficked by the thousands for my scales, which are boiled off my body for use in traditional medicine; for my meat, which is a high-end delicacy in many different countries; and for my blood, which is seen as a healing tonic.

When can this ever end? I do not want to live as a hunted animal for the rest of my life! I’m protected by national and international laws, but yet, there is still a  growing international illegal trade in pangolins.

Yes, I am just a small scaly-skinned mammal. Yes, I am just one in the 8.7 million animal species in this world—seemingly insignificant as a speck of dust in this larger universe. Yes, I am just a pangolin. But a world without me is one that I cannot bear to imagine.

Your hunted friend, the pangolin


Kanan Bishnoi

The Story of Munia

When I wake up in the morning,
Many birds are calling,
The Munia is picking up the grass,
For her babies she forecasts,
All the grass she can amass,
She makes a nest first class,
Of all things beautiful it surpass.

Everyday I stand with a camera,
I see the Munia has a lot of stamina,
Munias are always nearby,
They are our family and not shy,
In my dreams I also fly,
One day we will all fly in the open sky.


Stephanie Farrell

Are they mythical?

The date is Wednesday 18th June 2121 and I’ve just come home from school.

Today we have been learning about Polar Bears. I’ve never heard of these animals before and at first, I thought they were mythical just like the unicorn. Our homework was to research them.

So, when I got home, I asked my great grandma if she has ever heard of them and she told me not only had she heard of them but saw them once in a zoo in America.

She described how they were amazing creatures, so beautiful and tall. She pulled out her photo album and showed me the pictures of her with them. I couldn’t believe my eyes. What happed?

She told me how people use to drive everywhere, they had become so lazy that they couldn’t even walk to the corner shop. People didn’t do enough in the way of Recycling or saving electricity. People bought way too much food and didn’t eat it all so there was tonnes of waste. They just didn’t do enough to stop climate change.

Our voices were too small she continued, no one listened. Then she told me of all the other animals we have lost. The panda, Gorilla, Rhino, Giant tortoise, Tiger, Blue Whale, Orang-utan, Jaguar, Chimpanzee, Elephant…. the list went on. I wish I could go back in time 100 years and do more to prevent this happening.


Eunchan Ko

A World Without Humans

I can’t believe it! All the humans suddenly disappeared. Oh, no the lights went off in few hours without humans working in the power station. After 2-3 days, I checked the subway systems, it was all flooded and the sewers were clogged. A month or so later, the emergency generators that help cool down nuclear reactors failed. I had to avoid massive nuclear meltdowns some killing millions of animals. Nature grew in buildings, cars, and almost everything humans built. Billions of car tires, plastic rotting away, metal and steel we built. We have only been here on this planet for a fraction of Earth’s lifetime. Endangered species of animals were thankfully able to survive and the animals thrived all over the world. It took about a year until the satellites in space came striking Earth. In about 2-3 years mouse and cockroaches died off because humans weren’t there to create tons of food waste. After 20-30 years desert cities were the first to get shallowed by Mother Nature. Within about 100 years, bridges, towers, and tall buildings corroded and collapsed. The building would be the only evidence of humans on Earth although The Voyager 1 spacecraft carrying a golden record of languages and should last the next billion years. Dogs and cats missed the free foods we give to them and pigs, cows, and chickens will starve and get attacked and desperately try to get out of their fences.  So the Earth will still thrive without us.


Joonhee KO

 A World Without Poaching

“When they are all gone, When every life has been stolen, How will you remember them? Extinction is forever” This quote by Claire Deaton truly touched me on the returning flight from Zimbabwe. Actually seeing animals being poached was worse than anyone could ever imagine. Imagine a world without poaching, the risk each wild animal takes would shrink, our world would be peaceful once again.

I went to Zimbabwe with Alex, a photographer my newspaper company sent to support my article, “The Poachers.”  On the plane to Zimbabwe, I was warned to be prepared about the horrible actions I would encounter. Indeed, as a journalist, I thought I learned how to react to incidents at university, resulting in me not being prepared. Which I did regret as soon as I got to a specific poaching area.

With me being the new journalist in this company, the money they provided was way small. So right the next day, I went to see the actual poaching happening. When I went to the area, there were a lot of foreigners as well as locals. My guide explained that most of the foreigners were here to trophy hunt while locals for money. There was no need for waiting, the shooting began right away.

The poacher’s actions were indescribable, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Animals falling down after that tiny bullet, people taking selfies, this was shocking. I stayed strong and tried to interview as many people as possible. The guide reported to the government after our visit. On the flight back, I thought about a world without poaching. I think this world would shrink the risk of wild animals. About 125,000 animals die because of poaching, making each species get closer to extinction each day. A world without poaching would change all this. The world would be more at peace, I hope the poaching era ends.

Zenia Tai

A World Without…

Have you ever thought of the disappearance of something? Like things you hate?

If I could choose, I would choose a world without writing since I am very weak at writing. But, will it be a disaster? Or something supernatural will happen?

I had a horrible, appalling experience about it. It just happened yesterday, I was desperately terrible. People could only speak and act cant write their ideas on the paper. All people had become actors with a large variety of acting skills. I didn’t understand what were they talking about. When the governor of the USA called Chile, they didn’t even understand each other language as they were speaking their own unique language and there was no translation as they were no writing. If there were writing, they just had to translate their speech by typing them into documents. Its really inconvenient for them. Moreover, without writing, we could barely survive because we wouldn’t be able to write anything for class or for fun. Also, we’d probably have to do speeches instead and we couldn’t write them down beforehand or use notecards or anything like that. I couldn’t really imagine that happening. Even though writing can be really frustrating and you can get really frustrated while writing a book some people, especially me and my fellow writers, cannot even imagine the world without writing. The author who wrote the article says that a world without writing and books would be a very sad place and that she couldn’t imagine the world without being able to create new characters and stories for people to discover. There will be no books, no comics for us to get relaxed and release our stress.

Can you imagine yourself not writing? and How would you feel if that actually happened to you and the rest of the world? That’s more than one question but you get the point. Now think about those questions and tell me what you think. This will especially apply to any fellow writers. If you hate writing, add oil for it and try your best. Writing is powerful! Don’t hate writing from now on…

Nabeel Mirza,

I am told

By my mum

About a red list of threatened species

A list that contains 842 species

Of which 746 animals

96 plants

Making my world smaller overnight

Reigniting my passion to learn

Reigning my passion to photograph species and animals before they disappear

To protest, to raise awareness, to be still

Knowing the journey is long and hard

Knowing there is a place for everyone


tanush kumar


If we come on to this topic, the thought which we would be having will be of its meaning that is ‘Excitement is important because it moves us to action like nothing else.’ But not only this, it is what allows for momentum to be built and gives us that amazing feeling of happiness and simultaneous fulfilment. When we are excited, our nerves and senses also become excited so we feel, hear, see, smell, taste more rapidly and it gets more amusing. So what will happen if this excitement gets vanished from our planet? Have we ever thought about it? There is an inability to feel pleasure which is called Anhedonia. It’s a common symptom are Depression as well as other mental health disorders. Most people understand what pleasure feels like. They expect certain things in life to make them happy. Some of them achieve it but some gets failed to do so. Those people who cannot feel excitement feel bored of themselves and also their lives. But with excitement it is sure to never feel bored. But to get it back we must try to be happy, try to get plenty of sleep, Acknowledge the unhappy moments, Breathe deeply, and also try to Be curious. So t last I will ask all to pray god that this excitement thing would never get lost from our life.


William Addison


Rexy, the tyrannosaurus Rex, was wondering around at the bottom of a

volcano. The callosal dinosaur was looking for something substantial to eat –

his carnivorous stomach was rumbling as loudly as the volcano was erupting.

The bone-crushing beast looked up into the sky to see a Brown leathery-

skinned pterodactyl gliding high above him. Rexy dismissed the flying fellow as

‘too skinny’, as he exclaimed in annoyance ‘I’m ravenous, I need something

more filling!’. The pterodactyl, flew away silently, seeming to stick his vast dry

tongue out at Rexy. Exasperated, the Rex’s face grew bright red with


Possible hope was restored as Rexy discovered a triceratops grazing peacefully

across the grassland, its hefty white horns shinning in the sunshine. ‘I don’t

want to be stabbed by those sharp horns’, considered the scarlet creature as

he looked forlornly upon an Allosaurus who had sadly been speered by the

three-horned dinosaur the day before.

T-Rex suddenly spotted something large moving in the corner of his eye – the

beast was enormous. The titan-sized animal was the infamous giganotosaurus,

one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs of all time. Hungry for his own meal,

the gigantic terror was ripping an edmontosaurus to smithereens, preparing to

eat him. Rexy walked forward boldly, quickly lunging to bite a huge lump out of

the back of the beast.

Annoyed by the T-Rex’s actions, the giganotosaurus glared at the mischievous

Rexy. The gargantuan mammoth ferociously roared at Rexy, before clamping

his tail down to the floor with his enormous feet. Death was staring Rexy in

the face, he knew he must fight for his life. As Rexy spotted the swollen

stomach of the giganotosaurus, he lunged towards it, before penetrating his

skin with his sharp jaws. The giganotosaurus bellowed in pain before booting

Rexy in the face with his massive foot, knocking him down. Shocked by the

massive blow, Rexy lifted himself up slowly, walking away feebly, his stomach

still rumbling with extreme hunger. Ashamed, the T-Rex had learnt an

important lesson which was never to tackle creatures that are larger than him.


Priscilla Chow

A world without dolphins

It would be hard to imagine a world without dolphins, because they sometimes can help humans from drowning. Dolphins are fast swimmers so they can make quick movements to save humans. They live in a pod so they can take turns and carry the drowning humans to somewhere safe.


It would be sad to imagine a world without dolphins, because they are skilled at tricks and help people with autism and lonely sailors. The lonely sailors adore dolphins because they make shows for them and keep them company.  Dolphins can stay out of the water for hours, as long as their body is still wet; this helps people with autism because the dolphins encourage those people to interact with them, which could make people with autism more social.


It would be dull to imagine a world without dolphins, because they have unique sounds and amazing skills. They do cartwheels in the water and swim upside down flexibly. They can whistle, chirp, and squeal to communicate with other dolphins. It would be also startling to lose dolphins’ smiles in people’s memory. On top of that, dolphins are almost friendly in every way people know.


It would be cruel to know our world without dolphins, because of humans. People not only hunt dolphins for their meat, but also capture them for shows. Sometimes people can kill dolphins by accident; for example, when you litter a plastic bag, a dolphin may eat it and become sick and die.

All of these make them endangered and finally extinct.


Laivialdriana Damius



Is very important to our earth.

There will be no land,

no garden

no tree


no flower

We will have no water to drink.


That is why,

we have to be grateful,

if we want to save water.

We have to recycle it.

Don’t throw litter in the river


We will pollute it.