The Virtual Forest

The Virtual Forest is a simple way to support reforestation, while also helping to highlight the importance of trees in every day life.

Help us to celebrate trees and forests around the world – simply submit a photo of you with a tree/in a wood or forest.

It is free to take part.

For every photo we receive we will plant a tree or distribute seedballs at one of our worldwide project sites.

All the images we receive will be used to make a giant tree mosaic to be displayed at our exhibitions and events later this year.

Take part today.


Habitat loss is the number one driver of extinction. We work to restore degraded areas. This campaign focuses on forests. We will plant trees and disperse seeds in our chosen project areas in Indonesian Borneo and in Kenya. This will help to benefit many species including Critically Endangered Orangutans and Forest Elephants. By restoring ecosystems we can also help to mitigate climate change.

Every year, trees absorb over 40% of the carbon dioxide produced by humans. And yet every year thousands of square kilometres of forest are cleared for farming and forestry.

Recent storms and flooding here in the UK remind us that we are not exempt from the impacts of climate change and help us to appreciate the scale of the challenges in places like Borneo and the Amazon.

Did you know:

– On average, one acre of forest stores up to 326 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2e), the amount generated by about 69 passenger vehicles being driven for one year.

– A single 100 foot tree will absorb around 11,000 gallons of water in a single year, stabilizing the ground and helping to prevent flooding.

– Every tree supports a large ecosystem of species dependent on it as their home.

– Trees planted around a building can reduce its heating and air conditioning costs by 30%.

One and a half acres of rainforest is cleared every second.

Explorers Against Extinction attended COP26 in November 2021, including special briefings on deforestation and biodiversity.

We work with projects around the world to recover key species and restore ecosystems. To find out more please visit our CAUSES page and our PROJECT pages.

At the end of the campaign all the submitted photos will be made into a large mosaic image of The Virtual Forest celebrating trees from around the world. Tell us where your photo was taken, or the type of tree (if you know!).

The Virtual Forest mosaic will be available to buy as a postcard or poster, with all funds going to plant more trees.

Everybody who sends in an image will receive a digital certificate as well as a digital copy of the final mosaic image.

It’s easy to take part, you’ll be helping to communicate a simple but vital message and a tree or seedball will be planted on your behalf.


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