Young people are key in the fight against species extinction, habitat loss and climate change.

To recognise the contribution of young people to conservation we have launched a Young Conservationist Award. The idea is to spotlight individuals making a difference in their community.

Do you know a young person trying to make the world greener and cleaner, or committed to safeguarding nature?

Please use the link provided below if there is a young person you would like to nominate.


There are 2 categories:

  • Young Conservationist 2023 (Up to 11 years old)
  • Young Conservationist 2023 (12 to 16 years old)

Category winners will be invited to our Awards Evening at The Royal Geographical Society in London, UK* on Thursday 9 November where they will be presented with an award and £100 ($120 USD) in recognition of their contribution to conservation (with thanks to your sponsor). In addition, winners will be profiled on our website and other channels,  including social media. By sharing the stories of selected nominees and winners we hope other young people will be inspired to take positive action for nature.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 29 September 2023.

Selection will be done by a panel consisting of:

Robert Ferguson, Founder & Trustee of Explorers Against Extinction

Sara White, Founder & Trustee of Explorers Against Extinction

Sophie Green, Award-winning wildlife artist & conservation activist.

Special guests include trustees of two of our 2023 Overseas Projects who will join the panel in their final deliberations.

If you know a young person dedicated to helping the natural world please fill in the form below and let other people know of the amazing work they do.



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Sapling was created to provide access to small loans for business people in local communities in developing nations. The project lends to grassroots Community Banks with knowledge of the local community and their needs. 

This allows people straightforward access to small loans that they can use to immediately benefit lives. It might be simply to buy fertilizer to boost their crops or to buy a small piece of machinery to increase productivity.

With the support of Sapling and its funders, these banks can help their communities more effectively by growing their small businesses. As many communities touch wildlife and conversation areas, enabling people to grow profitable businesses allows them to use the local resources in a more sustainable way.

For more information visit sapling.finance

*Winners will be offered a pair of complimentary tickets to the event in London, UK (event ticket only).