The Sheldrick Trust

The Sheldrick Trust

Donated: US$ 25,000

Founded in 1977 the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust plays a significant and vital role in the conservation of Kenya’s wildlife. The Trust is the world-leader in elephant rescue and rehabilitation. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the DSWT in 2017, we wanted to do something really special for them. We were delighted when they agreed to make our Autumn event at the Royal Geographical Society their UK 40th Birthday Party and to premier their new film about the sanctuary.

The funds we raised in 2017 via our Explorers against Extinction event and Sketch for Survival exhibition was enough to fund 10 elephant rescues or to care for two orphaned elephants for a whole year. DSWT allocated the funds where they were most needed.

EAE has fostered a number of orphans over the years. Kithaka, an orphan selected by Sara our Trustee, when she visited the Trust in 2013 appealed largely because he was the naughtiest of the young elephants. Kithaka is doing really well – we have watched him grow over the past 4+ years into a fine young bull elephant, following his progress (and antics) from the Nairobi Nursery to Tsavo where the young elephants are prepared for their life back in the wild.

Arruba, a calf we fostered in 2014 has also done well and was moved in December 2015 to join Kithaka in Tsavo.

Alamaya was rescued from the Masai Mara in 2015 having been separated from his herd and then attacked and injured by hyenas. We read about Alamaya’s rescue and we were compelled to foster him. He seemed so brave in the face of such terrible trauma. Sara heard that Alamaya was due to move from the nursery to Tsavo in May 2016 and was delighted to be able to come face to face with this brave little elephant at the nursery just before he left during a visit to Kenya.

With all three of the above now happily at Tsavo we have decided to foster another three – Jotto, Esampu and Ambo who Sara visited in May 2017 while meeting with the DSWT team in Nairobi to plan Explorers against Extinction fund-raising.

Robert Ferguson, one of our Trustees, enjoyed time at the nursery in Nairobi recently. He was allowed to spend time with the orphaned elephants as they grazed in Nairobi National Park.

“Seeing how small the youngest elephants are brought home how vulnerable these creatures are without the protection of their mothers and family. As they played it seemed incredible that people would harm them simply to get ivory. Supporting DSWT is something we feel obliged and proud to do, and we look with admiration at their work.”

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