Kit for K9s, Central & Southern Africa

Kit for K9s, Central & Southern Africa

Fundraising target: £2,100 +

Funds donated: £2,500

Project: to provide critical protective equipment for conservation canines working on the frontline. This is one of 21 projects nominated for our 21 For 21 programme.

21 For 21 Project Partner: Invictus K9

Invictus K9 offers holistic training for the implementation and improvement of conservation orientated K9 programmes including anti-poaching.

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About Invictus K9

Invictus K9 offers a unique, holistic training and advisory package for the implementation, advancement, and expansion of conservation dog programmes. Their proven operational track record provides rapid results that feed the intelligence cycle.

Since 2015, Invictus K9 have been leaders in specialised canine programmes in seven African countries for both government and private sector. Invictus K9 are actively working in high threat environments and bring a wealth of experience countering both foreign and domestic terrorism since 1998 across Europe, Africa and the United States.

With roots in Africa the team understand the complexities of working across the African continent and their experience is unmatched. Invictus K9 understand the new and ever- changing requirements that are needed to update training techniques and bring an independent perspective based on real world experience – vital for any canine programme to remain resilient to evolving poaching threats.

The Role of Conservation Canines in Africa

K9 units offer vital support to rangers on the ground. They are capable of rapid deployment and add capacity to patrols. Their superior senses and tracking skills, even at night,  help law enforcement teams to deter and locate illegal activity more quickly. Specialist training ensures the dogs can detect arms and ammunition as well as illicit products such as ivory, horn and pangolin scales. The addition of K9 units to many parks and reserves across Africa has amplified law enforcement response and helped to safeguard a number of iconic species including elephant and black rhino from poaching.

The presence of K9 units in parks/reserves protects the biodiversity of a region, and in turn its value as an eco-tourism destination. Tourism can transform the livelihoods of local people by generating investment in the area and through job creation.

Working dogs have specialist needs. The dogs need kennels and runs as well as equipment to keep them safe,  from leads and harnesses to body armour and goggles. They need high protein food, veterinary care and each dog also has a GPS tracker in case they should become separated from their handler.

Kit for Canines

21 For 21 funding will provide critical kit for conservation canines working across Southern Africa. A single dogs equipment costs around $1100 USD and can suffer wear and tear during day to day operations. This funding will ensure that Invictus K9 have several replacement sets of kit on standby at the kennels to be used as and when it is needed by the operational teams.

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Images courtesy of Invictus K9 



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