Adopt A Project

Rather than donating into our general funds some individuals, families, businesses and charitable trusts prefer to work with a stand-alone project.

These range from the purchase of a piece of specialist equipment to the funding of a specific project, for example the purchase and/or training of an anti-poaching dog or funding for a specific community project.

At Explorers Against Extinction we have a database of projects from around the world in desperate need of funding. Many of them we have worked with before, others we would love to support if we had the funds.

Our Adopt a Project scheme is simple. You contact us with any preferences you have for your project and a donation amount you have in mind and we will suggest suitable projects. Once we have agreed the project with you, you transfer the funds. We forward the funds and manage the project until it is successfully implemented.

We don’t take any handling fee for doing this. Every penny/cent you donate goes directly to the project. We will cover incidental costs such as the transfer of funds and manage the project for free.

You will receive a receipt from us, as well as a formal confirmation and updates about the project.

It’s a great way to feel directly involved in a specific project without the hassle of seeking out contacts, organising overseas transfers and the worry that the funds aren’t being used for what they should be.

For more information, please email Sara White at [email protected]