Travel With Us

With a name like Explorers Against Extinction, and patrons including Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Levison Wood,  it will come as no surprise to learn that a passion for travel and adventure runs deep. We strongly believe that the benefits of responsible travel – high quality, low density travel which supports the protection of  wildlife, wild spaces and local communities –  outweighs the environmental impact of travelling to and from a destination.

Your holiday pounds and dollars have the power to transform livelihoods through employment opportunities, and to attract investment which in turn improves essential services including water supply, infrastructure, clinics and schools.

By booking your holiday through our trusted travel network you can not only support conservation in the places you are visiting but you’ll also be supporting the running of Explorers Against Extinction at no additonal cost to you- for confirmed bookings, we earn a small referral commission from our travel partners. In return you’ll receive complimentary one year membership to our Explorer Club providing a behind-the-scenes look at the work we do.

Our Bespoke Tailormade Travel Brands

There is nowhere quite like Africa. From the wildlife-rich plains and cloud forest to tropical Indian Ocean islands,  Africa offers incredible holiday experiences and an opportunity to witness conservation in action.
Vibrant Asia does everything on grand scale – from the icy peaks of the Himalaya to  steamy jungles where tigers still roam, this is a continent steeped in history and offering a huge diversity of experience.

The Americas include the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Unique destinations include the Amazon,  the Galapagos Islands, the Andes and the remote, frozen wilderness of Antarctica.

Partnerships to Protect the Wild

Explorers Against Extinction offers tailormade holidays through select expert partners to some of the wildest places on Earth. Sustainable eco-tourism – high quality, low density travel which supports the protection of  wildlife, wild spaces and local communities – ensures the benefits of your trip outweigh the environmental impact of getting there and back. Our travel network offers:

*Expert first-hand knowledge from small specialist operators;

*Comprehensive bonding for complete peace of mind and financial security;

*Local guides wherever possible, and camps/lodges who employ largely local staff;

*Properties that reduce their environmental impact through use of renewable energies and recycling/responsible waste disposal;

*Sustainable activities focusing on the natural world, and visits and experiences in line with responsible wildlife tourism.