Sketch for Survival Exhibition & Online Fundraising Auction

Sketch for Survival is a global art initiative in aid of conservation.

The collection celebrates the beauty and colour of the natural world while also raising awareness about the threats facing it, including those posed by human activity. Original artworks, from oils and watercolours to sketches and street art,  feature endangered species and at-risk wild spaces. All artwork donated to Sketch for Survival is available to purchase either through our online fundraising auction in November or in our Affordable Art Gallery. ALL PROCEEDS support our projects.

Sketches and other artworks are donated by award-winning professional artists, high-profile celebrity supporters including Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Stephen Fry, and by amateur and junior artists winning one of 100 places through our free-to-enter Sketch for Survival competition.

By buying artwork you are supporting our projects, as well as securing something beautiful for your wall. We hope the artwork gives years of joy as well as serving as poignant reminders about the need to conserve our natural world.

Last year, in spite of the pandemic, the collection raised nearly £60,000 (US$ 80,000) for nominated conservation projects.

In 2019,  over 10,000 people visited our exhibition tour.  The exhibition has proved to be an effective way to connect with people, raise awareness and spark debate about conservation issues while inspiring positive action.

To visit the exhibition in 2021 please see our provisional EVENTS schedule. We will also share links to our Virtual Galleries here in September.




A central theme of Sketch for Survival is that time is running out. The world must take action to avoid catastrophic consequences. To amplify this message our Sketch for Survival collection includes 26-minute sketches.

In stark contrast to time-consuming, complex studio artworks, the raw beauty of a sketch provides an important visual cue:  reminding us that we have limited time to get the job done. Our sketches also remind us of the shocking statistic at the heart of our campaign:

In the wild, an African elephant is lost every 26 minutes on average due to poaching.

This year’s sketch collection includes artwork kindly donated by professional artists and celebrity supporters including Karen Laurence Rowe, Lin Barrie, Jonathan Truss, Alison Nicholls, David Rankin, Hazel Sloan, Levison Wood, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Stephen Fry.


From street art to oils, our invitational collection comprises over one hundred original artworks. All depict vulnerable wildlife and wild spaces. The collection is more diverse than ever before and we are absolutely delighted to welcome many new artists to the collection.

This year’s Invitational collection includes artwork kindly donated by Barry Blake (pictured), Rogue One, Fiona Champion, Annabel Pope, Siobhan Barlow, Sevina Yates, Jonny Swindall, Martin Aveling, Millie Marotta, Jonesy, Sarah Stribbling and celebrity supporter Joni Mitchell among others.


Our competition to win a place in the Sketch for Survival Exhibition and Auction has gone from strength to strength and allows us to showcase the work of many up and coming artists, as well as Junior artists with our special Junior collection.

Every year the competition grows,  and we receive entries and messages of support from all over the world and from all walks of life which is incredibly uplifting. Just 100 artworks are selected from all submitted – our youngest contributor is just 2 years old this year, and the oldest is over 80 years old!

This year’s 100 will be announced on 3 September and join our Invitational collection in the exhibition and fundraising auction.  Selected runners up will have their artwork available to view and buy in aid of our projects on both the website and in our pop up galleries.

Artwork shown: Emma Swift – Winner of Sketch for Survival Wildlife 100 Artist of the Year 2020 


The Sketch for Survival Exhibition Collection is auctioned on 28 November this year following our exhibition tour which includes [email protected] on London’s South Bank.  ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of art support our 21 projects. Please bid generously!

The full 2021 auction catalogue will be available to view from September. Full details will be shared here.

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Sketch for Survival Sponsored by


If you have submitted artwork to the Sketch for Survival 2021 competition, or if you are interested in participating in 2022, please click here for submission guidelines, thank you.