Selection is under way for this year’s Sketch for Survival Introducing competition.

The selection process consists of a number of phases and involves a panel of six comprising both professional artists and charity trustees. The panel is led by Gary Hodges and we are delighted to be joined this year by Sevina Yates and Alison Nicholls.

Find out more about the panel:

Gary Hodges

Sevina Yates

Alison Nicholls

Over the past few weeks we have successfully catalogued all the artwork by size (A3 or A4) and category (wildlife or wild space) ready for selection. This ensures each artwork is easy to view ‘in the flesh’ during the selection process. Many pieces look completely different online and some only come alive in the right light so we like to spend time looking at each piece.

The task is to select just 100 artworks from nearly 700 entries received. 

Everyone on the panel has the chance to see all the entries – this first phase is done blind, looking at the artwork in isolation without the forms.  Once an initial 50% cut has been made, the accompanying submission forms are introduced to provide context and further information about both the piece and the artist. This second phase can take a long time as we attempt to whittle down the artworks to a pool of around 150 pieces.

The third phase establishes the top 50-60 artworks where we as a panel are unanimous.

The fourth phase is the most difficult as we work to finalise the 100…

Last week Sevina Yates joined us in Norfolk – here she is studying some of the Wild Space entries.

The SFS Intro 100 will be announced on 28th August with the shortlist announced on the 4th September. 

All artworks will be available to view on our website from 5th September.

All artworks* have the opportunity to support our conservation projects – they will be available to purchase either through our Affordable Art online and pop up stores, or if they are part of the 100 via our online auction in November.

The idea behind SFS Introducing is to showcase up and coming talent and those artists who are perhaps not yet fully established or earning a full-time living from their art.  Through our partnership with The Artist and Leisure Painter magazines and through our exhibitions and events we provide an opportunity for the art to be seen by a wide audience and for the 100 to be exhibited in prestigious venues.

Established professional artists are invited to apply to our Invitational Collection.

Thank you to everyone who has supported SFS Introducing this year.

*all artworks with the exception of those who provided a stamp addressed envelope and requested they be returned should they not be selected for the 100.