4 Amazing Places in Europe to experience a luxury tour

4 Amazing Places in Europe to experience a luxury tour

What is travelling for, if not for completely dissociating from reality and spoiling ourselves with some luxurious services that will make us forget from all the real life problems and relieve the stress accumulated in our muscles and bodies?

Don’t feel guilty about exercising your personal right to have the type of vacation the suits most at your present needs. Search for a luxury tour operator in Europe, who will take into serious consideration all your preferences and requirements, and secure for yourself an unforgettable high-end leisure retreat.

Although, what you can do, is attenuate the numerous available destination options, by making a top-5 of your dream places. Let’s see four of them.

  1. We’ll always have Paris

Not many things needed to say, to explain why Paris belongs to such a type of list. Even if you’ve already been there, the City of Light is always a go-to destination when seeking for some luxury time in an elegant framework. Haute couture fashion to make your shopping or just window shopping while strolling the beautiful Champs d’Elysee,  haute cuisine with delicate flavours at Michelin-starred restaurants and unique art exhibitions compile the Parisian mosaic.

  1. The Italian Lombardy

In the northern part of Italy, with uncountable everyday connection flights with the rest of European cities, we land in the city of Milan, the Capital of Fashion and Design.
Milan itself consists a beloved destination for chilled vacations, though we will talk about Lake Como and the villages it surrounds. A heartbeat away by train or car, Como is a magnificent destination for combining both relaxing landscape and calm nature vibes, with high-end services. Picturesque towns (Como, Varena, Bellagio, Mennagio, Nesso, etc.)  in which you can find stunning villas with private access to the shore to stay, and elegant Michelin awarded restaurants to taste the delight of Italian cuisine and the looms of the Lombardian vineyards. All towns are walkable by foot, so you can spend your day contemplating or admiring the architecture of opulent villas and their gardens.

  1. Alpine Experience

Travelling slightly to the north from Milan and Como, we meet the boarders that signify the Swiss land. Known for its delicate cheese, chocolate and innovative watch mechanism, Switzerland is undoubtedly a luxurious destination that combines both options of resilient urban abidance, with breathtaking nature sceneries. Forget all about every day’s life hustle and bustle by giving yourself the opportunity to experience the privileges of the Swiss Alps; gourmet menus, world-class spa facilities and memorable panoramic view while travelling with the Glacier Express or Bernina Express in first-class.

  1. I took a trip in Majorca

To the east of the Spanish coast, before reaching Africa, there is located an island group that promises unique scenery. The biggest and most renown islands are those of Ibiza, Majorca and Minorka. The pole of attraction for all stands in their crystal-clear beaches and shores perfectly aligned with the overall Latin vibe and vibrant characteristic lifestyle. In the charming Old Town of the capital of Palma, exclusive boutiques can be found at the prestigious Passeig des Born street together with exquisite dining options. In your free time, board on a Yatch Cruise to sail through the azure waters making stops at picturesque bays.


Image: Fabien Maurin UnSplashed.