5 Tips for a Sustainable Vacation

5 Tips for a Sustainable Vacation

Vacations can be fun and exciting, but they can also use up a lot of resources. Airplanes have substantial carbon footprints. Oftentimes, when people travel, they use a plethora of plastic containers to store their personal items. 

That said, while you can’t travel without any impact on the planet, there are ways to travel more sustainably. To help you travel in an eco-friendly manner, we’ve outlined several tips below.

Use Efficient Transportation Methods

When you travel, it’s a good idea to offset your carbon footprint as much as possible. Ask if your airline has any environmental initiatives or carbon offset programs you could participate in. 

Since every time your plane takes off contributes to more carbon emissions, it’s better to avoid layovers and pit stops. If possible, fly nonstop to your vacation destination. 

Additionally, when you land, it’s a good idea to take advantage of buses or trains for transportation. That said, if you must rent a car, just make sure to adhere to the rules of the road. It can be difficult to adjust to new traffic laws, but it’s important to keep yourself and your family safe from broadside collisions and other accidents on the road.

Bring a Durable Water Bottle

When you’re on vacation, you might entirely subsist on hydration provided by plastic water bottles. This isn’t the best decision for the well-being of our planet. Instead, invest in a durable water bottle to accompany on your journey. This will help you stay hydrated without the plastic waste. 

And this isn’t just a habit you should have while traveling. Even when you come home, continue to use a reusable water container for a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Skip Tourist Traps

There’s such a thing as “overtourism.” When popular locations are visited too much by bright-eyed tourists, it can negatively impact the community you’re visiting. Additionally, you could help different parts of the community by using your dollars in more niche locations.

Try exploring the community in a more authentic way, asking locals for their recommendations. Explore cities other than the most popular ones that everyone is visiting. This way, you may also learn more about the culture than you would by visiting the places where you’re only going to encounter an abundance of other tourists.

Take Your Time

If you’re normally taking multiple vacations a year, that could have a worse impact on the environment. After all, you’re then paying for a multitude of flights to take off rather than just a single round-trip. If you instead book a longer trip to your vacation destination, you will have a smaller carbon footprint.

Taking your time also allows you to absorb and understand the culture you’re visiting on a deeper level. You have time to connect with the locals and learn local customs. Most of all, this gives you an opportunity to learn about new aspects of yourself and build new treasured memories.

Visit Parks and Sanctuaries

Parks and sanctuaries protect our planets biodiversity. To keep these special defenders of the planet running, you should give them a visit. This will help preserve life on our planet and gives you an opportunity to cultivate a greater appreciation for the animals that populate our environment.

Image: Pexels, Nubikini