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Essay on Endangered Animals: 10 Tips to Write a Good Paper

Writing essays is like a journey into your mind. You will use your willpower, brainstorm ideas, structure them, and fill your paper with a flow of thoughts. You will also need some good writing techniques to help you. For example let’s choose an example of writing a paper on endangered animals; how to approach it...


The 7 most beautiful treks in Asia

Forget the Alpine hut trips. The real mountain goats knew it of course a long time ago, but little by little a larger public that wants to explore nature and also discover the unspoiled beauty of Asia. The Himalayas is not only for mountaineers who want to conquer Everest but also for hikers. How about...


The Impact Of Covid-19 On Africa’s Safari Industry

    2020 was predicted to be a profitable year for the safari industry in Africa, boasting the second-fastest-growing tourism industry in the world at this time. There was much optimism and predictions that the tourism industry would bring in billions of dollars across the African continent, but then Covid-19 hit and things ground to...