Embarking on a Two-Wheeled Adventure: Dover to Calais

Embarking on a Two-Wheeled Adventure: Dover to Calais
Discovering the beauty of France on a bicycle is a unique experience! Whether you wish to cycle leisurely along the Seine in picturesque Paris or delve into the historic beaches of Normandy, the options are endless. So, why wait? Plan your next French escapade today!

Bicycling Your Way Through

Navigating on two wheels offers the liberty to experience the local way of life upon reaching your destination. Here’s all the information you need to know about travelling with a bicycle, whether you’re bringing bikes with a vehicle or opting to travel as a foot passenger.

If You’re Bringing Bicycles with Your Vehicle

When travelling with your bikes and a car, remember to include any attached racks or boxes in the height and length of your vehicle when booking. Ensure everything is securely fastened before boarding the ferry to avoid any damage to your or others’ property. Consider purchasing a bicycle rack that attaches to the back of your vehicle for added convenience and security.

How to Secure Your Journey with Ferryscanner

If you need to add more than one bicycle to your booking, simply reach out to their customer support team. Book your ferry from Dover to Calais with Ferryscanner and set forth on your two-wheeled adventure from Dover to Calais seamlessly!

Travelling with Your Bicycle on Foot

For those travelling with a bike without a vehicle, follow the red line route upon entering the port. You will be taken through security and then directed where to check in and given a designated lane to cycle to. Our accommodating check-in staff and crew will guide you on where to safely leave your bicycle during the crossing. Please ensure that your bike is safely stowed away at the designated space on the car deck before proceeding to the passenger decks. Note that electric bicycles are also permitted to travel, following the same processes as traditional bicycles. Those with bicycles will not be able to take their cycle onto the foot passenger bus.

Preparing for Your Journey

Arrive at the Port of Dover well in advance as check-in closes 90 minutes before departure. The ferry terminal can get busy, so we recommend arriving well before this. When cycling in France, remember to bring reflective clothing, a puncture repair kit, and a portable phone charger. Familiarise yourself with European cycling laws and plan your rest stops and accommodation in advance.