New Pictures of Nala

New Pictures of Nala
21 For 21 is supporting a rewilding programme in Brazil with Onçafari 
This fantastic programme, first established in 2016, was designed to rehabilitate and reintroduce orphaned jaguars back to the wild – an important part of protecting endangered populations in Brazil.
After a number of successes, marked by the wild-born cubs of rewilded jaguars, the programme expanded in 2019 to include the rewilding of maned wolves in the Cerrado.
Nala (pictured) is an orphaned puma – she arrived at Oncafari’s rewilding centre in January 2021. She is the second puma that the team has worked with. The first puma, Cacau will hopefully be ready for release to the wild in July.
Nala has grown big and strong in the last six months and has already acquired the skills to be an efficient hunter.Her next step towards the wild is moving to a bigger enclosure.
We love these photos, taken recently of beautiful Nala and are proud to support Oncafari’s rewilding programme.