Parking Mastery: Strategies for Substantial Savings on Airport Parking

Parking Mastery: Strategies for Substantial Savings on Airport Parking

Is an exciting trip in the United Kingdom coming up and you can’t decide whether you should go to the airport by car or by bus? Well, since you’ve clicked on this article, it’s pretty obvious that you unconsciously prefer to use your car. We bet that what’s been keeping you from going with your instinct is the cost of airport parking. After reading this article, this won’t be an issue anymore, since you’ll know plenty of strategies for substantial savings on airport parking. Does this sound interesting to you? If so, read, save, do, and enjoy!

Strategy 1: Familiarise Yourself with the Different Airport Parking Options

Although finding a car space sounds simple, you should know that there are many car parks that you can choose from. Let us be a bit more specific here. There are on-site car parks where comfort and time efficiency are a priority. For budget-friendly deals, you should search for off-site parking options. Another important thing you should keep in mind is the fact that each car park has its own special short, mid, and long stay rates. You can discover the most affordable airport parking options on- and off-site on bookfhr.com, making comparing all the offers and securing the best one super easy. Knowing your priorities and requirements ensures that you can confidently pick among the various options. 

Strategy 2: Book Early

Once you know what you want for your car and what airport parking services are out there, you are ready to book the ideal spot for your valuable possession. By making this booking at least a month before your trip, you can be certain that prices will be low. Airport parking prices vary depending on demand, and most people leave this type of booking to the last minute, meaning that proactive drivers secure a spot for better prices. 

Strategy 3: Search for Special Offers

Many people don’t know, but it is possible to secure substantial savings on airport parking by taking advantage of car parks’ digital marketing strategies. Special offers to loyal customers and discount codes are a successful technique that airport car parks have adopted to both retain and enrich their clientele. You can easily be notified about such offers by subscribing to the newsletter or following the social media of your favourite airport car park. 

Strategy 4: Travel Off-Season

Another strategy that can lead to savings on airport parking and on all your travel expenses is to plan your trip during the off-season. In other words, spring and autumn are the seasons when people travel the least, which in turn means that demand is not high. And when demand is not high, prices are low. Thus, you can make all your essential bookings (flights, airport parking, accommodation, etc.) without encountering unreasonable prices.

Photo by Bao Menglong on Unsplash