Six Different Holiday Ideas For This Year

Six Different Holiday Ideas For This Year

A holiday is a great way to get away from the daily mundane life that you might currently be leading. While that’s not to say that your life might be boring but the same things you do every day such as going to work or taking the kids to school, can become monotonous and boring.

With that being said, a holiday away can be a welcome relief from that same old, same old routine. Here are six different holiday ideas for this year.

Try a holiday lodge

A holiday lodge is a great way to relax and unwind while feeling more like you’re in your own home but with a taste of the countryside for the most part.

These holiday lodges are usually located on holiday campsites and caravan sites. They’re often deemed the more luxurious option because they’re a solid structure, much like your own home.

Holiday lodges are a more luxurious option as opposed to camping but they are affordable. Depending on what time of year you travel and where these holiday lodges are located, you could manage to find yourself a great bargain. Holiday lodges with hot tubs tend to be a popular choice because they combine the luxury of a spa break with it.

Go camping

Camping is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when it comes to the rainy weather that can be experienced.

When it comes to camping, you’re going to need a variety of equipment to help make your camping the best experience possible. From tents to sleeping bags, the more you can be prepared for camping, the better. It’ll make your experience a positive one and one that will perhaps inspire you to repeat it going forward.

Try a traditional steam train

If you’re looking to go back in time, then there are still plenty of services where a holiday package is offered and the form of transport to go from one destination to another is by traditional steam train.

This isn’t unusual, especially as there are plenty of them throughout the world, the Orient Express being one of them. These traditional steam train stays are certainly not the least expensive excursion on the planet but they can make a great memory maker for you and a loved one.

If you fancy trying out a traditional steam train experience, whether it be a journey from destination A to B or staying on the train over the course of a few days, check out the options that are available around the country and beyond.

Stay in an Airbnb

An Airbnb is a classic option for those who are looking to change their typical holiday location of a hotel. Anyone can make an Airbnb, whether they choose to rent out part of their home or create a holiday home opportunity somewhere in the world.

For those who want to reap the benefits and enjoy a different type of holiday, an Airbnb is a great choice. It can feel like you’re staying in your own home when you choose to try out an Airbnb property.

Look at a canal boating holiday

Canal boats are a great way to enjoy the typically on-off weather that often happens in countries that offer this. Come rain or shine, canal boats can be enjoyed all year round and are a great way to get up and down the country.

Being able to navigate on a canal boat takes some practice but is a great way of getting around. If you’re looking for more of an active holiday this year, then taking a trip on a canal boat is a great way to enjoy it.

Mindfulness and detox retreat

If you’re looking for some new and alternative holiday ideas for this year, then a good one might be a mindfulness and detox retreat. These can be great for those who need to step away from daily life and the lifestyle they might be leading that may or may not be causing them some unhappiness or stress.

With these types of retreats, they usually help you focus on your mind and body, as well as sometimes being useful for detoxing from substances or even from the digital life that takes over so many of our lives, minute by minute.

Hopefully, these six different holiday ideas will get you started on creating some great memories this year.

Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash