Why is Wildlife So Important?

Why is Wildlife So Important?

As with many things, the answer you get when asking, “Why is wildlife important?” will depend onwhom you ask. For some, it will be because animals are cute, provide people with comfort, and are enjoyable to be around. For others, it may be that they are aware of the significant importance wildlife brings to the ecosystem and has a direct effect on how everyone lives.

Some might wish wasps didn’t exist but understand their contribution to the world, and others might believe that all animals have an equal right to be on earth, just as much as humans.

Wherever you stand, this piece is going to take a look at many reasons why wildlife is important.


The Balance of the Ecosystem 

The ecosystem is a very delicate balance between everything that is living – it is all connected. If even one organism becomes threatened or extinct, this can significantly affect the rest of the ecosystem, such as the food chain or breeding abilities. In order for all ecosystems to be protected, it is essential that all wildlife needs to be protected.

An important note here is that it isn’t often that only one species is ever under threat, which can mean if one pollinator is in trouble, so will many others!



Wildlife is an essential element of biodiversity – the very foundation of variability and variety of all life forms on earth. Serious stuff!

Biodiversity ensures that the ecosystem can maintain a critical level of stability and resilience, as all of these parts are unique in maintaining the health and functionality of all ecosystems. This can be anything from pest control to supporting pollination.

Wildlife of all shapes and sizes contribute to this, so supporting them and their individual unique habitats is essential. You can do this in several different ways, anything from being a volunteer on-site to something niche like planning to adopt an elephant!


Nutrients, Medicine, and Livelihood for Humans

Did you know that wildlife plays a massive role in human health and well-being? Both plants and animals are excellent sources of medicinal compounds and genetic materials that have been used to develop drugs and treatments for various human illnesses and issues.

Without them, who knows how long treatments and cures would have taken and would still take? Livelihoods are also dominated by biodiversity and the ecological serviceswildlife provides. For example, biodiversity is responsible for facilitating pollination, creating and maintaining healthy soil, and also water purification.



Animals have been around much longer than humans, and wildlife is important in its own right – it is a vital resource that should not be neglected or mistreated. They have every right to be here as much as humans,and they contribute to a better quality of life for everyone. As you’ve discovered in this article, wildlife is essential for the biodiversity of the world, which is,in turn, essential for the sustenance of all life, the contribution to modern medicine, the yield of nutrients, and the balance of the ecosystem! Therefore, look to see how you can do your part in protecting them.