A Complete Guide on Gatwick Airport Parking

A Complete Guide on Gatwick Airport Parking


Regarding airport parking, different things are important to other people. People who travel a lot will put convenience above all else and look for ways to make their trips as stress-free as possible. Airport parking can be expensive, so it makes sense that some people will look for cheaper options. Some customers will want to get the most for their money, which might mean offering as many services as possible for a set price. You’ve found the best place to book Gatwick airport parking.

Compare Top Gatwick Car Parking Options

Parkos Airport Parking has a lot of great deals for people who need to book parking at London Gatwick Airport. There are many ways to park, from off-site long-stay parking that is cheap to Gatwick meet and greet or easy valet parking. You can be sure your car will be safe and sound at any of these Gatwick-approved parking lots.

Park at Gatwick South Airport

So, let’s say you leave from the South Terminal at Gatwick. If so, there are plenty of other ways to park at Gatwick besides Meet and Greet, Park and Ride, and official Gatwick parking. You can quickly look at all Parkos Gatwick South parking options and compare them, from big companies like APH and Parkos to smaller, independent lots.


Additional London Gatwick Airport Parking Deals

Let’s say you want the start of your trip to be as relaxing as the rest of it. If that’s the case, look at the Gatwick Airport hotels with parking. The morning is better if you stay at one of these hotels the night before your trip. They have discounts and packages, including parking so that you can book everything at once. After a good night’s sleep in one of these hotels, buy a lounge pass to avoid the crowds at Gatwick Airport. Take advantage of this quiet place while you wait for your flight.


Short Stay Parking at Gatwick

At Gatwick, there is a drop-off zone outside both the North and South terminals. The drop-off zone at North and South Terminals has a minimum charge of £5. Parking in one of the Short Stay lots is recommended to have more time to say goodbye to family and friends. When picking up passengers, the best way to save time and trouble is to stop at a parking lot with a short stay limit. Parking in a short-term lot is convenient because it’s close to the terminal and doesn’t require much walking.


Premium Short Stay Parking at Gatwick

Gatwick also has official Premium Short Stay parking, which lets people park as close to the terminal as possible and still get to the airport quickly and easily from the ground level. The North Terminal Short Stay parking garage and the South Terminal Short Stay parking garage each have their parking lot.



If you book your Gatwick Airport parking with Parkos, you’ll save a lot of money. Gatwick Airport Parking offers short-term and long-term parking, park-and-ride, and meet-and-greet parking. The North and South Terminals of the airport are only a few minutes away. Also, they offer parking at London Gatwick Airport from several reputable companies, such as APH, Airparks, Maple Parking, and more, at prices that won’t break the bank. They also say Parkos is an excellent choice for parking at Gatwick Airport. Compared to the official Long Stay and Short Stay parking lots, they are a great deal.