Essay on Endangered Animals: 10 Tips to Write a Good Paper

Writing essays is like a journey into your mind. You will use your willpower, brainstorm ideas, structure them, and fill your paper with a flow of thoughts. You will also need some good writing techniques to help you. For example let’s choose an example of writing a paper on endangered animals; how to approach it with creativity and how to get a good grade?

Choosing the right topic

First off, you need to understand which topic to choose which can greatly support your writing skills. It means that you should find a theme that will show you are  unbiased and very skilled when researching the details. If you are assigned one topic, that is half of the work because you can skip the selection process. Yet, if you are given complete freedom, it might be much tougher as you have to chose the topic yourself. Below, you can see some great examples of topics to choose on endangered animals.

  1. How to share awareness on endangered animals protection?
  2. Why do endangered species require extra support from governments?
  3. How many rare species have been killed directly by human impact?
  4. Why can’t laws fully protect animals in need?
  5. The correlation between poor ecosystem and the extinction of rare species;
  6. Blue Whales and their incredible lifespan;
  7. What is the role of endangered animals in our own environment?
  8. Which animals are predicted to be extinct within the next 10 years?

Then, you need to choose one rare species and write around its problems, life, and other related ideas. The same concerns the roles of activist organizations, governments, laws, and charities that go the extra mile in protecting those animals. Your main task is to draw readers’ attention by providing valid data including calculations on the endangered animals and of course evidence that can support your statements.

10 Tips on Writing Top-Notch Paper

Now, when you are done with the selection of your topic on endangered animals, you have to approach the preparation and writing process itself. Keep in mind that your paper should be logical. For instance, if you are to write about your own considerations, do not go crazy with them but remember to add facts. If you are tied to some writing boundaries where you are limited in providing your thoughts about the topic, concentrate on researching scientific materials. Now, off we go with some tips.

  • Be Thoughtful 

In simple terms, endangered animals is not a topic that may inspire fun or positivity always. On most occasions, you speak of tragic ideas and events related to the extinction or almost-extinct species. Your task is to be mindful of details. For instance, if you have any ideas regarding the tips on protecting those animals, you can add them by backing up with valid data. If you just seek hype or want to reach word count, no need to write desperate things.

  • Add Transitions

To ensure a reader can understand your ideas in full without losing a flow, you’d better use transition words with each paragraph or block. Particularly, it involves such words as Furthermore, Moreover, Then, Additionally among others. If you plan to add some kind of comparison to your topic A by linking to topic B, add such words as Like, Compared to, Similar to among others.

  • An Outline is Your Best Friend

Outlines help to structure all ideas per paragraph and block. Spend some time to ensure you do not forget anything, or find all the arguments to use to persuade a reader about your vision.

  • Concentrate on the Introduction

Similar to life circumstances, you have only 1 chance to impress a reader (yes, it also correlates to your professor’s impression). Therefore, with the help of a thesis or hook, try your best to partially reveal the main idea of your chosen topic. Or, try to impress a reader with your unique approach of revealing the theme. No need to make it too long. 2-3 sentences are pretty enough.

  • Focus on the Active Voice

This tip is universal for most types of papers. Whenever you write in a passive voice, it is just an unnecessary waste of your ideas. Beyond that, passive voice deteriorates the structure of sentences and makes your text hard to read.

  • Add Your Own Words without Copying

A good paper is one written with your own words, without plagiarizing. Yes, if you want to refer to someone’s ideas or arguments, you can add them, however, ensuring they are all cited or backed up.

  • Avoid Complex Words

Some students want to play too smart and add vocabulary they do not know how to explain. Ensure you are responsible for any sentence in your paper. If you still want to add a particular term, double-check whether it fits the context.

  • Check Your Essay with an Audience

This tip stands for reading your creation to friends, relatives or other people. It just helps to understand whether it is interesting to listen to and whether it brings any ideas.

  • Work on Editing and Proofreading

When you are ready to submit your paper, you have to spend some qualitative time editing and proofreading it. With the help of Grammarly or the Hemingway app, you can check the paper on grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

  • Learn from Examples

It could be added as the first tip, however, it is not always necessary. For instance, with the help of a custom essay writing service , you can request some samples on Endangered Animals topics from where you can derive inspiration and then come up with the ideal paper full of your own research.

Finally, do always strive to be empathetic with such topics but without exaggerating. Remember that even simple essays can help you change your own perception of such a phenomenon. You are a member of the life cycle that can literally change history.