Incredible Places to See Animals before They are Extinct 

Incredible Places to See Animals before They are Extinct 

Unfortunately, many of the world’s most iconic species suffer from habitat loss, climate change, and the illegal wildlife trade. Unless things change, we may no longer see some of the world’s most magnificent creatures soon. Luckily, there are many places where you can see these animals and perhaps contribute to their preservation. Below, check out the incredible places to see animals before they are extinct.

  • Borneo 

Borneo’s Tabin Wildlife Reserve is one of the most incredible places to see wildlife in its natural habitat. It’s a nature reserve that aims to protect the vanishing wild animals of Borneo, such as the pygmy elephants and rare bird species.

The reserve is a popular destination for birders, wildlife photographers, and anyone who loves nature and wildlife. Some species you will come across are the clouded leopard, civet cats, orangutans, and the Borneo pygmy elephants.

  • South Africa 

If you’re planning a safari to South Africa, the Pilanesberg National Park would be the perfect destination. It’s where you can spot some of the world’s most incredible wildlife, including the Big 5, which consists of the lion, buffalo, leopard, black rhinoceros, and African elephants.

Due to its relatively small size and unusual ecological richness, the Pilanesberg Game Reserve is bursting with wildlife. Therefore, your chances of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat are high. The park lies in a transition zone between the wet Lowveld vegetation and the dryness of the Kalahari Desert, attracting a wide variety of wild animals.

  • Portugal 

Portugal’s Madeira region is a haven for nature and wildlife lovers. It offers incredible opportunities for birdwatching, with more than fifty species of birds that breed in the region, and almost half of them are endemic to the region.

Whale and dolphin watching is another popular activity in Madeira, where you can spot different species of whales, depending on the season. Some species you’ll encounter are sperm whales, pilot whales, sea orcas, minke whales, and humpback whales.

  • The Galapagos 

The Galapagos Islands are a dream destination for wildlife lovers. It’s one of the few places on Earth where you can experience fascinating wildlife encounters, such as seeing giant tortoises up-close and walking with sea lions along sandy beaches. There are so many different species to see if you plan on touring the Galapagos, you will find a unique mix of spectacular scenery and great wildlife.

The island of Santa Cruz is one of the best places in the Galapagos to see wildlife. It’s home to the bustling tourist town of Puerto Ayora, where the Charles Darwin Research Station is. Santa Cruz is also home to interesting wildlife like the blue-footed boobies, giant Galapagos tortoises, and marine iguanas.

  • Scotland 

When discovering wildlife in Scotland, Shetlands is the best place to go. Here, you can get up close and personal to a wide array of wildlife species and experience the true wonders of nature to the fullest.

Visit during the midsummer and explore the beautiful island of Mousa, where you can witness the return of storm petrels to their nesting grounds in Mousa Broch. In Sumburgh Head, you will have a chance to watch puffins flying beautifully over the sea. Shetland is also famous for its marine animals and where you can spot killer whales and other fascinating marine life.