Sustainable Travel Tips for Individuals with Health Issues

Sustainable Travel Tips for Individuals with Health Issues

If you are in the process of planning an upcoming solo or family trip but suffer from health issues, it may benefit you to find out how to travel both safely and sustainably. It can be tempting to avoid travelling altogether out of fear of falling ill in a foreign or unfamiliar country but by familiarising yourself with a number of helpful tips and tricks, you can travel with confidence and prevent your health issues from taking control.

Wash your hands

It may sound like an obvious point but washing your hands as often as possible can limit the spread of germs to protect you from a number of common health issues and prevent you from getting sick whilst on holiday. It is, after all, relatively simple and straightforward to do and can be completed in a matter of minutes regardless of where you may be in the world. If you are paranoid about picking up any unwanted germs on your travels, it may also benefit you to carry a bottle of hand sanitiser at all times so you can keep up with your usual personal hygiene routine both indoors and on the go and maintain a sense of cleanliness regardless of where you may be or what you may be up to.

Organise travel insurance

If you are prone to falling ill on holiday or are just looking for an extra layer of safety and security on your next trip, you must organise travel insurance ahead of time, why not try travel insurance from Staysure, as an example. A reliable provider will be able to cover you against a number of underlying or pre-existing medical conditions with no upper age limit. It can also allow you to travel safe in the knowledge that you if the worst was to happen and you or your loved one required emergency care whilst abroad, you will no longer be forced to pay expensive or complicated medical bills.

Apply sunscreen regularly 

If you are planning to jet off to a tropical or warm climate and tend to burn fairly easily, you must apply sunscreen regularly. It can protect you against long-lasting damage and prevent you from suffering from sunstroke, dehydration, and perhaps even developing a skin disorder. In addition, you must also ensure you avoid spending long periods of time in direct sunlight or when the sun is at its strongest from late morning until early afternoon and take precautionary measures if you have an outdoor trip or excursion planned.

Carry an emergency medical kit

It may seem as if it would just take up unnecessary space in your luggage but if you have experienced health issues on holiday in the past, it may be worth carrying an emergency medical kit with you on your next trip abroad. Its contents can differ depending on what your underlying health issues are, but it should generally include plasters, bandages, dressings, wipes, tweezers, scissors, as well as any essential or preventative medication that you are required to take on a regular basis. If you are planning a solo hike or to stay in a remote geographical location, on the other hand, you must also carry sterile needles, syringes, and an IV if you find yourself requiring immediate emergency medical treatment.

If you are planning an upcoming holiday but suffer from health issues, there are a number of travel tips you must familiarise yourself with ahead of time to protect you in the event of a medical accident or emergency. This includes washing your hands, organising travel insurance, applying sunscreen regularly, and carrying an emergency medical kit.