The 7 most beautiful treks in Asia

Forget the Alpine hut trips. The real mountain goats knew it of course a long time ago, but little by little a larger public that wants to explore nature and also discover the unspoiled beauty of Asia. The Himalayas is not only for mountaineers who want to conquer Everest but also for hikers. How about the Everest Base Camp Trek? Trekking Nepal is the summit, but how about Georgia, not the state but the country. The Caucasus is a fantastic destination for your next hike. Not to mention Pakistan. In this blog we introduce you even more:

Jungle Trekking in Laos

The jungle in Laos is one of the most important and beloved features of the country. Nature is so important that the government reserved 21 percent of the country’s land area for habitat conservation in 1993. If you visit Laos, you should not miss the opportunity to discover the unique flora and fauna.

Most Jungle trekking tours in Laos take place in the Nam Ha National Protected Area. This 2,224 square kilometer park is home to a variety of ethnic groups and various animal and plant species. If you really want to get to know Laos and its culture, then the jungle trekking tours in Laos are a good option. During these hikes you will not only get to know the local flora and fauna, but you will also get to know the local ethnic groups and learn about their way of life and traditions.

Trekking in Georgia

Tusheti and Khevsureti are two remote historical provinces in the High Caucasus of Georgia. These regions are hardly accessible and therefore maintain local traditions and special architectural styles such as stone towers and houses. This trekking adventure takes you through the mountains of the Caucasus, characterized by alpine meadows, amazing peaks and old villages.

The first adventure begins on the first day when we pass Abano at an altitude of almost 3000m by car. We follow the road to Tusheti and visit the stone villages of Dartlo, Kvavlo, Parsma and Girevi. Then we take a shepherd’s path in the Caucasus Mountains and walk 3 days into the wilderness. There are no huts, no people except hikers. We cross the Atsunta pass at 3400m and descend into another region – Khevsureti.

Everest Base Camp Trek

At this moment of reading there are climbers on their way to the almost 9 kilometers high roof of the world. The summit of Mount Everest in Nepal is not for everyone, but there are several ways to get the ultimate Everest experience. Going to the Base Camp of Mount Everest is definitely a reachable way for most of us.

The landscape of the Everest Base Camp Trek is classically fantastic with many mountain peaks such as: Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, Pokalde, Pumori, Cholatse, Twaboche, Makalu, Barunse, Island top and much more. The people you meet on your trek; their culture and tradition in the monasteries and the prayer stones are the cultural highlights.

Chiang Mai in Thailand

Known for its yellow golden beaches, crystal clear seas and exotic flora and fauna, Thailand is a fascinating country that will conquer the heart of any traveler. One of the main characteristics of Thailand is its very diverse geography. With 6 clearly marked geographical regions, this country offers its visitors a large number of outdoor activities that will satisfy all tastes.

So, if you like trekking as much as we do, you can’t miss the chance to go trekking in Thailand. Chiang Mai, in the north of the country, is the perfect province for those looking for a hiking trip. From trekking in the rainforest to climbing Thailand’s highest peak, the Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai’s jungle treks offer visitors the opportunity to combine trekking expeditions with culture and the local Hill Tribes.

Ban Ho Trek in Sapa

Sapa is a small town in the Hoàng Liên Son mountain range in northwest Vietnam. The city is a popular base for trekking expeditions and every year we see thousands of people conquering the green mountains decorated with rice fields. The local minorities, especially the H’Mong, the Tao and the Dai, have been accommodating trekkers for over a century. In the Sapa region it is therefore customary to stay with local families.

Organized group treks are the standard in the Sapa region. Because trekking in Sapa does not require a lot of experience, everyone can participate. With dozens of ethnic minorities, ancient cultures and traditions and beautiful rice fields, Sapa is a magical place to experience the diversity and charm of North Vietnam. On the colorful Ban Ho Trek you will encounter it all.

Upper Mustang Trek

Explore the hidden world of the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Mustang in Nepal. It doesn’t get much more remote. Because of the difficulty to reach this region, the Mustang has long been protected from mass tourism and is known as the last place where the true traditional Tibetan culture exists. Mustang has a long, rich and complex history which makes it one of the most fascinating places in the Himalayas.

You almost forget that you can walk there. And if you can walk there. The Upper Mustang is the perfect combination of culture and trekking as it is meant to be. Let the Himalayas embrace you and dive into the mystique of the Upper Mustang Trek.

Trekking in Pakistan

If there is one country that can match Nepal in terms of trekking, it is Pakistan. Yes, there has been an unstable period, but with tourism improving and the countless beautiful, rugged peaks in the North, your next trekking destination will probably be Pakistan. North Pakistan and Karakoram have the highest number of peaks with an altitude of over 8000 meters and one of them is a K2, the second highest mountain in the world.

Did you know that the second highest mountain in the world had no name for a long time? That’s right. The local community couldn’t see the 8611m high peak of what the K2 is for a long time. This summit, which is harder to climb than Mount Everest, will make you speak in superlatives.Forget Everest Base Camp. K2 Base Camp is cooler, quieter and more pure. Explore the pristine trails of northern Pakistan before the rest do. K2 calls.