Torrevieja – what is worth visiting?

Torrevieja – what is worth visiting?

A vacation in sunny Spain is a dream for many of us. Beautiful, almost certainly good weather, sunny beaches, wonderful warm water and an atmosphere that cannot be recreated anywhere else – this makes us eager to return to the Spanish coast. One city that is definitely worth visiting is Torrevieja. What to see in this place? We have some great suggestions for you!

Torrevieja, or Old Tower

Torrevieja means “Old Tower” in Spanish. This town is located in southeastern Spain, on the Costa Blanca. Its name comes from the watchtower, which has survived for many centuries; it also miraculously survived an earthquake! It’s a great city for tourists because it has a lot to offer – you can visit the sights, bask on the beach or have fun in the water parks. There is something for everyone.

What is it like to get to the city?

We can come to Spain by car. However, there is no denying that the trip will be very long and can be tiring. The easiest way to get there by plane is to arrive in Alicante, where the airport is located. Torrevieja is an hour’s drive from this city. Even before arrival, you can purchase a transfer from the  Alicante Airport to Torrevieja.

This will allow us to get there without any problems and not have to stress about whether the communication between cities will not let us down.

What to visit in the city of Torrevieja?

Torrevieja is a guarantee of good weather! This city has more than 300 sunny days a year. You can recharge yourself with energy and vitamin D. However, remember to use sunscreen. This city has two salt lakes, which also contributes to an interesting microclimate.

Torrevieja is a popular vacation spot for European tourists – not far from Alicante, another very popular destination. This town is magnificent, the beaches are white, the water is clear, you can spend long hours there, savoring it. In addition, the beaches are very well-maintained and pleasant to be on. However, this is not the only thing to do in Torrevieja. What is worth visiting in the city?

Torre del Moro tower

Of course, you should see the ruins of an ancient defense tower, which was built in the 14th century. It had a defensive function for the Mediterranean coast. It’s also an excellent vantage point for those who like to look at landscapes from above – for the tower is located on Cabo Cervera, one of the highest points on the map of this village.


We have also already mentioned that the locality has salt lakes. These are a must-see for excursions. Thanks to how salty they are, when the sun falls at a good angle, the lakes look as if they have a vivid pink color. It’s an amazing sight. Why such a color? It is assumed that crustaceans, microalgae and halobacteria are responsible, but crystallized salt also contributes.

Dolphin S-61

In the city you can also visit an unusual museum, which is located in a ship called Dolphin S-61. This is a submarine – for dolphins were actually called submarines, because they resembled them in shape. Thanks to the fact that one of them is a museum today, we can see what it all looks like from the inside – not only the ship itself, but also the lives of the people who worked there.