Unique Experiences to Try for Wildlife and Adventure Lovers

Unique Experiences to Try for Wildlife and Adventure Lovers

Every wildlife and adventure lover is looking forward to some unique experiences that they can cherish lifelong. It is an incredibly satisfying movement for one when he or she is able to accomplish a personal goal as it enriches their life. As an animal and nature lover, there are endless ideas and opportunities one can look for in their torus to make them more memorable.

The whole planet is filled with epic destinations for wildlife tours, such as North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, Antarctica, and more. In India you can cruise the canals of Kerala on a rice barge watching the incredible birdlife or enjoy a cruise across the Indian Ocean on a cruise looking for dolphins or whales from the deck.

These continents are filled with animals big and small and are quintessential safari destinations. With so much wildlife tours to pick from, it sure can be an overwhelming experience.

Whether it is watching belugas splash in the arctic or trekking in search of gorillas, or cruising in Scotland for puffins, golden eagles, and killer whales, the wildlife tours offer one an opportunity for life-changing experiences. Far & Wild Travel can help you create those special moments and enjoy some unique experiences.

Check out some great ideas and opportunities you can explore to make your wildlife tours even more exciting.

Spend time with reindeer in Lapland

Plan a Lapland wildlife tour and spend some time on a reindeer farm, away from the city life. Get a taste of the peaceful Finnish countryside and enjoy its beauty and tranquility when you spend stress-free days at the reindeer farm. As the number of reindeer in Lapland is the same as the number of people, you are likely to come across plenty of them. You can easily spot them in Finland and on the farms. The reindeer herding family is known as Porohaka, and they will introduce you to the tradition of reindeer herding. Take care of those charming animals and feed the reindeer herd. Another best-kept secret of the North is the Pohjola route and the chance to see the Northern Lights.

The live museums of evolution at Galapagos
 Galapagos is a group of islands that are located close to the Pacific Ocean and the South American continent and at the confluence of three ocean currents. The unique location and processes of these isolated islands have seen them go through some unusual evolutions, and as a result, one finds unusual animal life such as the giant tortoise, the land iguana, and several types of finch. Take a bike tour of the Galapagos for added fun and adventure, as well as to gain insight into these islands and discover the species Darwin wrote about. Take pictures of unique landscapes with incredible wildlife. Check out your options with Voyagers Travel.

Gorilla Trekking within Bwindi National Park

Bwindi National Park is located along the border of Uganda and is filled with narrow, steep valleys surrounded by the mountain range. The complex ecosystem of the park is teeming with biodiversity that thrives on its dense undergrowth and rugged terrain. Plan a day of gorilla trekking trek to spot the gorillas that live beneath the thick canopy of trees. You are sure to have numerous quiet encounters with critically endangered animals, and it is an incredible experience to come face to face with a gorilla. Discover other wildlife species on your trek and drive to see more of the  African wildlife.

Swim with whales in Tonga
 Whale encounters in Tonga give you once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with humpback whales in the beautiful clear waters. The whale swimming safaris include a local island tour and snorkeling on some of the most beautiful beaches in the South Pacific islands. It is a joy to see those enormous humpback whales swimming just close to your side, and the wildlife experience is indeed the most thrilling and adventurous. The best part is that you get numerous opportunities to dive into the sea to see those amazing creatures.

An ultimate polar bear adventure
 Polar bears are some of the most majestic animals of the plant, and it is no secret that their habitat is seriously endangered by global warming. If you want to opportunity to see a polar bear in its wild habitat, then head to the popular spots for polar bear gatherings with an expert tour guide. Nothing can beat the excitement of polar bear viewing in the remote northern towns and seeing those cursors animals within their wonderful wildlife surroundings. Although these anils are shy, they are curious enough and may come alongside your vehicle. You can add some more fun by racing through the boreal forests with sled dogs and learning a bit about the traditional carvings and kayaks.

Greatest Wildlife migration of the earth
 Be there in the Serengeti in Tanzania from January – March or April – June if you want to witness the world’s greatest wildlife show. This is the time when over one million wild beasts will migrate through the Serengeti in a gigantic circular motion to follow the rains and territories in search of rich grass. It’s a remarkable experience to see those animals passing through the territories of predators such as leopards, cheetahs, and lions. Do not miss out on this spectacular event which is most prized among wildlife lovers.

Turtles nesting and hatching

South Africa’s Kwa Zulu Natal and Sao Tome and Principe coastline are where you can enjoy one of the most tranquil wildlife experiences and which is turtle watching, so head towards coastal Africa between the months of October and April if you are interested in watching turtles’ nest and lay eggs. The marine species of female turtles climb up the beach to lay their precious eggs on the remote beaches under the cover of darkness. So, the western coast of equatorial Africa is an ideal location for turtle lovers and can see the hatching usually during  January and February.

Horseback safari in Kenya
If you want an ultimate wildlife experience, why not plan a horseback safari and one of the best spots in Kenya as it presents a wide array of experiences. Get ready to have close encounters with wildlife as you ride through the open plains, where you can spot herds of wildebeest, giraffe, and zebra. Horseback safaris are a great way to add some adventure to your wildlife torus as you’ll get closer to wildlife. At times you may even get within touching distance of the wildlife as the wild animals don’t see a horse as a threat.

However, one should keep a good distance as it is not a good idea to get very close to the wildlife animals. But you need not worry as you would be riding a well-trained horse and under the supervision of professional guides.